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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make your Mac... more Mac-like. (PCs too!)

calaboration - Google Code

Ah, I have wanted this tool for about a month.. I love how all these mac apps I need are coming out right about when I got a mac. I love iCals slick look but NEED it to hook into my Gmail account and etc services. Finally I can make offline changes!

Every mac person need 3.0 (Aqua). This newest release makes OO.o match Apple's aqua interface and does not use the clunky X11 system (which is highly useful but annoying as HELL). You can now use your command key to secondary click like every other aqua app. Runs like a charm. Ditch Microsoft for good and get rid of Office for Mac. Honestly unless you use Pages graphical layout features you can probably ditch iWork too. (I've never had iWork so I dont know how they compare)

Any person (on any OS; Windows people I mean YOU) needs PERIOD. Why pay hundreds for a program that is essentially inferior? The menus make more sense is OO.o, the file type is transparent and if you need to you can save in the .doc etc formats, and most of all... its extendable just like firefox. Need a Japanese dictionary, clip art, maybe you want to edit pdfs or make flashcards? Or want automatic furigana insertion? Extensions are free in every sense of the word.

Now that I've brought up Firefox... 3 has a nice Safari like interface so I suggest switching to that too XP Free japanese mouse-over dictionaries to bookmark syncers (indespensible with a dual boot machine)

Windows people might want to Fly a Kite

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