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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Angel Beats!

The new Key x G's x Aniplex project Angel Beats! looks very interesting. More info on the website with bad interpretion below.

The story takes place in the afterlife (at a school of course). The Haruhi-lookalike Yuri leads the SSS (死んだ世界戦線 / Afterlife War?). They wear different uniforms than the rest of the students that have embroidery saying "rebels against the god" which is possibly the best English translation I've seen in a key work so far. The other group members call her Yurippe.

The other girl is called Angel/天使 (The kanji mean tenshi: angel). She is an angel in the form on a school girl and naturally on the student council. She upholds the order of the afterlife and fights violently with the SSS. Shows no emotion.

The theme is life. How it is not eternal and should be valued. This is inline with much of Key's prior work. It will be interesting to see this idea expressed from the afterlife not the human world. What I really want to know is how Maeda plans to kill off characters when their already dead.

Oh yeah, its an anime. Took them two months to announce that.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A MacBook Air SuperDrive is in my future?

MacBook Air SuperDrive for all � tnkgrl Mobile

Looks like Apple's super slim and sexy USB DVD-RW drive for MacBook Air can be made to play nice with other computers for minimal upgrade costs. Considering one can eBay one of these drives for 65$ and the extra board costs under 20$.

The author there used a very cheap 9$ board but I am lazy and not terribly good at soldering so I am eyeing the 14$ Slim Optical Drive IDE to USB card that doesn't require me to remove and re-solder the crystal.(Found on this thread).

I've been wanting an external DVD drive for a while to set to Region 2 so I can watch anime on my MBP with it's damned matsushita drive. The external power supply and dearth of known support turned me off to the one's I've seen and I dismissed the superdrive as being Air only.

Yay for hacks :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Disturbing is one way to put it...?

Read before clicking this link! NSFW obviously!
A Bishoujo Figure that Comes with a Dog Figure: Can Do Bestiality (AkibaBlog)

I like girls. I like dogs.

I like them separately.....not in an ero-figure. Together. Posable.

I don't have anything else to say to this. Somehow the idea of a bestiality figure doesn't surprise me OR bother my since I don't have to buy it. BUT that the dog is removable and fully posable with numerous joints.... that this sells... disturbs me a little bit. He even has a joint on his dolphin...

Seems to be sold out by the way.

LED Cinema Display がほしい。。。

Apple - LED Cinema Display

Its called a display but really is a docking station. Screen (Duh!) + USB hub + MagSafe charger (these are expensive!) + 2.1speakers + camera + microphone.

I'm really tempted to buy one of these. 15 inches is nice but 24 is nicer. Of course I'd want a bluetooth keyboard so thats even more monies even with a education discount.

I'm moving to Oregon for studies this fall (land of no sales tax) so maybe I will get it if I save up enough.

Anime is better on a big screen and games are too. I'll have a (female) roommate though so all the ero still has to be confined to my laptop screen XP

For the record, the iSight is 640x480. Took the Apple lady a while to find this for me. I bit disappointing but not too much of an issue. Hell, just having another MagSafe makes up for that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christopher Handley and why America is so fucked up

Down the Slippery Slope - The Crime of Viewing Manga

Christopher Handley Pleads Guilty to Possession Charges

Why defend freedom of icky speech?

Some background for you all, an Iowan man (with NO history of sex crimes) ordered some manga from Japan. Believed at this time to be your typical sexfest doujinshi. Customs opened his package, followed him home, and arrested him for possessing illegal material depicting minors in sexual situations. 150-300 images. Like individual pictures.

That was a while back, today he gave in, plead gutty and is facing up to 15 years in Jail. For
150-300 drawings of "minors" (according to whom? look at Aki Hoshino). No real minors are connected to the drawings. No real people were hurt by these images. Noone except Handley, anyhow. I can't even express how frustrated this makes me. This is wrong. So many assholes and jerks get away with murder, theft, and rape but a upright citizen gets sent to jail for cartoons. How can a jury accept this? How can a sane human being ignore the Constitution and send a man to jail for drawings?

My right to throw a punch ends where your nose begins. This is the concept behind free speech. You can express yourself as long as you do not limit the freedom of others. Real child porn does hurt children and should be prosecuted. Drawings don't hurt anyone.

And how are we defining minor? Depending on whose looking I could have hundreds of illegal images on my hard drive and my shelf or I could have none.

Here are three takes on one character design.... Who's old enough to be legal to import?

Image Hosted by

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinner wafu~!

Kudo was happy to share the food (resultant of the previous post)

Itadakimasu wafu~!

Dinner with the CLANNAD Girls

Hungry, I asked the girls what they were planning for dinner.

Tomoyo refused to share her stew, pointing out my abundance of gigantic frozen goods. Indeed, one bag of gu is almost taller than her.

Kyou told me she had already eaten her bento and didn't want any giant gyudon.

Both girls scoffed the frozen meal.

As you can guess, I'm cooking rice for gyudon and got impatient ^^;

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SHUFFLE! Essence+ is not a lie

From the newest G's magazine ... its probably vaporware, but I didn't make it up!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orders Roundup: Anime and a special figure

With a new debit card in hand, I ordered 766minutes of moe-riffic anime:

  • Air TV Vol. 4 - Clearance-price!
  • Kanon Boxset - 40% off coupon :)
  • ONE True Stories - The ero-OVA for ONE~to the shining season~
But those all pale to this which I've had to keep quiet (because I ordered with a friend):

Black*Rock Shooter........God, she's beautiful