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Sunday, November 30, 2008


PRODUCT RED - Home: Buy Red products from top brands, and help fight aids in Africa

Since its the holiday season and everyone is buying lots of stuff anyhow look in to getting (RED) gifts. You spend the same amount of money anyhow except this way some of the money goes to help people with HIV in Africa.

It's not charity*, its not supposed to be. It's just a way to do a little bit of good. (RED) is a business model, if we all favor (RED) products more companies will join (RED) and more money will go to people who need it.

A (RED) gift is not only a product from the top brands in America, its a statement to remind people to make a difference and care.

*If can afford to donate to charity you can donate to the cause directly through The Global Fund.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

figma Miku Hatsune

figma Miku Hatsune
Posted this to the wrong blog at first..

Bought her this afternoon... isn't she cute?

Contrary to those pictures... She will not stand without the base... The shoulder joints were my one concern lookswise but the movement they afford is great. Her shirt is also wonderfully detailed. My only complaint is her wrist joints. Because of her sleeves they can't do much but droop and they are loosened once moved. The joints also make her hands very fragile and hard to replace. Solid hands would have been a better choice by far.

Photos to come later, after al|together stuff. I need to photograph my whole collection XP

EDIT: One iSight-quality photo for you... The book they are standing on is pretty bad btw...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Little Busters! EX - Sasami Cat Apron

Little Busters - Sasami Cat Apron [TL300787295] : ToysLogic

This is INCREDIBLY cute.....

My Rin Natsume figure is STILL on backorder with TL ... Komari is so cute though...

I need to get back to playing LB! I've been so loaded with stuff I don't have the energy to bother reading Japanese. (and Im not a Mio fan).

I have been playing:
  • Higurashi (mac!)
  • Gadget Trial (Saikano as a comedy!)
  • Tile World (Chip's Challenge on a Mac! Not a visual novel ><)
  • Casual Romance Club (Lost all my saves!)
  • Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! (Already has a !)
  • Piece of Wonder (Cause I couldn't remember why I named my windows install Alecto!)
  • Bye ( Its in JP but on Mac!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

al|together 2008 "CROSS THE RUBICON"

al|together 2008 "CROSS THE RUBICON" official website

This is so fracking awesome.....

(for those who don't know what the hell al|together : check out the 2005 event's about page... then play some of the work, free, immediately, and legally.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An awesome Miku Clock for your OS X dashboard + Hachune Tunes

This post is Mac oriented. If you don't have a Mac, Apple is having a sale this Friday. Go get one. The new Unibody Glassbooks ROCK!

If you were awesome and visited my boyfriend's blog at some point you would have seen this amazing Miku Clock that speaks the time:

Yep, shes a cutie isn't she? Don't worry about all that white.. we'll get rid of it.

To add her to your dashboard, first open a page with her always on it NOT my blogs main index but this posts static page; (I don't expect a page that changes would work). Open the page in Safari not Firefox or whatever else you use (I use Firefox btw).
Once on the page in Safari right click and select the option "add to dashboard", click Miku, then crop her as instructed by Safari (remove all that white). Finally click "Add" in the information stripe. This will open Dashboard. You can do some further cropping here if you'd like by pressing the i button and selecting edit. The frame can be changed also.

My Dashboard
Oddly she looks larger in Firefox than in Safari *shrug* Unlike in the browser, you need to click her twice to make her speak in Dashboard.

Mac users should also get HachuneTunes:

I did not realize it until this moment but she runs in English on my computer. To download go to this page and scroll till you find HachuneTunes.dmg From there is self explanatory.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Skirt Work

Skirt Work

This is my boyfriend's blog, Skirt Work. Unlike me he can draw.

I designed the new banner... you can see all of the drafts below from top to bottom:

Side: Original drawing

First : His original draft.

Second : My mockup with little finishing,

Third: My draft before final background was chosen (by him) and before edges were smoothed.

Last : The final banner

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Asda Story

Official Site for Asda Story

I started this again recently (played a old version of it a whole back). It's not too hard or overwhelming. Cute too, the japanese version is called MicMac but it got closed.

The most unique feature of this game is the soulmate system. This system lets you form a bond with another player to share exp, skills, and even characters. That's how my boyfriend talked me into trying it ^^; Its a fun idea

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A more civilized follow up to my last post

I chilled out to CosMo (musican with free works) and iTunes visualizer, here is a follow up.

1st: Anime fans who do buy, you don't have to go to hell. We need more people like you. Even if you buy DBZ, that helps (as much as I dislike the series). Pirates can go to hell with the Mormons.

2nd: Obviously this is not all about Broccoli. This is about having done two months of piracy research and having it all point in the same direction. Things need to change yes, civilized planned copyright reform. Stealing anime doesn't help, it hurts any efforts to move forward. Even when I'm discussing piracy as part of my project people insult me for it. Telling me to "Shut the Fuck Up" doesn't help anything, listening doesn't hurt. I will sit and listen to your "explanation" on why you pirate. Please, post it here.

3rd: I don't own Photoshop because I use GIMP. I don't own MS Office because I have Pirating programs helps cement them as the de facto standard, I choose to use free (as in speech not as in beer) open source programs to move away from these corporate monopolies. Pirates are not radicals, they are lazy people clinging to an old system.

4th: If you want free work, make your own work free. Look into Creative Commons licensing. I mentioned CosMo a few lines up and said his music was free. Free to download and to share (gratis - without payment) but also free to anyone to remix and make derivatives (libre - true freedom). In Creative Commons abbreviations we would equate this to a CC-BY liscense and it is one of the free-est CC licenses. Want more control? Try a BY-SA or a BY-ND, which respectfully require others to use the same license with derivative or prohibit derivative completely (not reccomended). You can add a NC or a no-commercial clause to prevent others from making money of your work. I prefer to use CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC-SA to encourage free derivatives.

5th: I really want to read Sola 2 in my native tongue and I doubt it is going to happen.

To my fellow "fans": Are you happy?

Broccoli International USA to Shut Down by Year's End (Updated) - Anime News Network

More and more anime/manga/visual novel companies have been shutting down or losing licenses or all sorts of drama. Now Broccoli USA is dead. Blah blah blah boom, natural course, all that shit. The problem is too many selfish egoistical jackasses read manga and watch anime online. Those who don't sit in the middle of the floor at Borders and bend the books out of shape. These things are a luxury, you don't deserve them and you certainly don't need them. To claim you have a right to read it before the english book is out is asine. Don't have money GET OFF YOU ASS AND GET A JOB. Maybe you shouldn't be spending the whole day reading scanslations.

These people aren't fans they are leeches that damage the fandom and damage the community. They band together for "justice" against "unfair laws" but can't even define fair use. They are ignorant SOBs.

People are degrading. People come up to me "why don't you have photoshop?" me: "Cant afford it", them "why don't you download it" me: I don't pirate them "OMFG how can you be such a prude, don't insult me!". Other remarks "Why did you buy Japanese games/dvds that stupid and a waste of money"me " I dont steal" them "You dont have to be a jack ass about it"

So fine, I'll be a "jack ass" or a "prude" or what ever the hell a person with morals and fucking human decency is called. Atleast I support what I like.

From a message board because I suggested he should buy the game translation he wanted :
"Yaa and i am sure that your windows is genuine because you suporte microsoft and Bill Gates for a bug free vista and all your programs have been processed because you suport all of them..please give me a brake."

Yes, my copy of XP is GENUINE. So is my copy of my primary operating system, LEOPARD. BECAUSE ITS YOUR PROBLEM I PAY FOR MY SOFTWARE.

The anime fandom can go to hell. I'm going to book off and buying a copy of Sola 2 since I can't count on a English edition anymore.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Some Miku for ya

200 songs about... You can attach this to your blog too, see this link.

This gadget will migrate to my sidebar soon but I thought I might feature it here so people begin to think to actually look at the side bar... I try to update it every once in a while :)

So check the Awesome things in the sidebar every once in a while kk?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

LOVE SONG〈2002〉Saikano Artbook

LOVE SONG〈2002〉 (Big spirits comics special): 高橋 しん: 本

Another great find at Book Off! I went in to sell books and plump my wallet but instead found this gem for 14.50$. Now, I know the Amazon page says 'used and new' (and not shipping outside Japan) from 250yen BUT the copy I found has all of the first press bonuses (and the obi but I don't care about them), the first copy on Amazon with all of these items is 2800yen. Also the CD-ROM was unopened :D

What it comes with:
*A large gorgeous artbook by Takahashi Shin (duh XD)
*A4 size plastic card of the cover image with the logo disappearing depending the angle (lenticular)
*CD-ROM with voice clips, trailers, music, and comic to storyboard comparisons.
*B2 size double sized poster with a drawing by Takahashi on one size and the same image in the anime's style on the other.
*A special letter "by Chise" on her trademark diary paper (and a note saying said paper can be bought at Animate countrywide)

This is an amazing book.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amazon isn't being completely stupid with Visual Bunko

planetarian―ちいさなほしのゆめ (VA文庫 (002)): 涼元 悠一, 駒都 えーじ: 本: "
# 文庫: 238 pages
# Publisher: ビジュアルアーツ (2008/11)
# ISBN-10: 4894906228
# ISBN-13: 978-4894906228
# Release Date: 2008/11
# Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 4.2 x 0.7 inches"

For the Key Sound Label/etc game CD lines has a long history of treating them like software and therefore refusing to ship them out side of Japan. The original Visual Bunko (Visual Arts book line) was listed as such. Luckly atleast for the planetarian novel, a second listing was added with ISBNs and other book thing and was listed AS A BOOK so Amazon can ship it to the US.

I still will likely order it locally from Book Cafe J (cause they have decent rates but long wait times) but I could not do so without the ISBN. If BCJ can't get it, I still have Amazon to fall back on.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No vs. Yes on Proposition 8 : "Mac vs. PC"

I know California polls are only open for another hour but...

Monday, November 3, 2008

フリー音楽素材 MP3・MIDIを無料で提供 『SAM Free Music』

フリー音楽素材 MP3・MIDIを無料で提供 『SAM Free Music』

This is a (IMHO) very talented doujin musician who gives away all his work for no cost. He is pretty skillful working with Miku as well :D

Check out CosmoP (who's in the side bar right now) as well!