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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To my fellow "fans": Are you happy?

Broccoli International USA to Shut Down by Year's End (Updated) - Anime News Network

More and more anime/manga/visual novel companies have been shutting down or losing licenses or all sorts of drama. Now Broccoli USA is dead. Blah blah blah boom, natural course, all that shit. The problem is too many selfish egoistical jackasses read manga and watch anime online. Those who don't sit in the middle of the floor at Borders and bend the books out of shape. These things are a luxury, you don't deserve them and you certainly don't need them. To claim you have a right to read it before the english book is out is asine. Don't have money GET OFF YOU ASS AND GET A JOB. Maybe you shouldn't be spending the whole day reading scanslations.

These people aren't fans they are leeches that damage the fandom and damage the community. They band together for "justice" against "unfair laws" but can't even define fair use. They are ignorant SOBs.

People are degrading. People come up to me "why don't you have photoshop?" me: "Cant afford it", them "why don't you download it" me: I don't pirate them "OMFG how can you be such a prude, don't insult me!". Other remarks "Why did you buy Japanese games/dvds that stupid and a waste of money"me " I dont steal" them "You dont have to be a jack ass about it"

So fine, I'll be a "jack ass" or a "prude" or what ever the hell a person with morals and fucking human decency is called. Atleast I support what I like.

From a message board because I suggested he should buy the game translation he wanted :
"Yaa and i am sure that your windows is genuine because you suporte microsoft and Bill Gates for a bug free vista and all your programs have been processed because you suport all of them..please give me a brake."

Yes, my copy of XP is GENUINE. So is my copy of my primary operating system, LEOPARD. BECAUSE ITS YOUR PROBLEM I PAY FOR MY SOFTWARE.

The anime fandom can go to hell. I'm going to book off and buying a copy of Sola 2 since I can't count on a English edition anymore.

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