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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goods Round Up : Small purchases add up

These are three otaku goods I have acquired in the last week or so. First on top is a Little Busters! pass case. This was originally destined for my work ID but since I have one maybe two days of work max for the next several months I have not decided what to do with it except put my currently useless pasmo in it and wish longingly to return to the land of the rising sun. ^^;

Secondly, I have a small note pad featuring Saya Tokido from LB!-EX scored off ebay. This normally comes with Dengeki festival! Comic 3 but that magazine and the other goods (a CLANNAD anime poster and towel featuring the image used for the LB pillow from Dengeki Festival! 9) did not thrill me enough to order the whole package. This little one is destined to be used up by Aki and I planning similarly fetishistic purchases.

Lastly, we have a true gem. This is the schedule book included with the Chobits First Press Limited Edition manga volume 4. I found this FPLE book at my local Book Off! for $9 (I also bought Shana 1 for $1). I am scheming to create refill pages but a recent bout of severe illness has cut in to that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Busters! Trading Figures

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Toy's Works has announced a new set of LB trading figures that look good in the photos (they resemble the 4-koma versions of the characters quite well) but I can't get excited about the manufacturer after that piece of plastic they pretended was Komari.

I also finished Yume Miru Kusuri. Very awesome. Now back to dear Rin....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nanatsuiro Drops R2s

I finally broke down and bought the Nanatsuiro Drops R2 DVDs. I still think the price is obscene but that is the depth of my fandom I guess. As people told me they run fine on VLC despite my R1 drive. Very cute boxes (2 boxes of 3 discs each) and cases all around.

Photos eventually...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Busters! English trial...



Very nice menu translations/graphics edits.

Nothing is completely off base, you will accurately understand the events portrayed in the trial.


Tense : Switches between present "He opens the door" and past tense "He waved the cat, she kicked him"

Pluralizing : "Anyone who disagreed with Kyousuke were the unlucky ones." is one example I noticed.

"We are called Little Busters!" vs. "We are called the Little Busters!" since the term is a proper noun as a team name (We are the San Diego Padres) rather than a noun describing the qualities of its members? (We are the defenders of evil.) This is purely subjective however.

Not localized. Japanese name order is unnecessary and should be localized. -sama could easily be translated to Lord or "honorable" and nya (being the sound of a cat) is "meow" or "mew".

Overall, they just need a good editor XP