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Friday, March 7, 2008

Dengeki, Figures, and more

Well I got a new Dengeki G's today :3 LB-EX still looks fabulous, this issue had some guest art from Izumi Rei that was to die for adorable. :3 Also came with a small FA figure. :D

A Komari figure has been announced. By Toy's Works. I don't like the prototype pictures but you can decide for yourself. The color and the face are really off I think.

Komari Figure: Image Hosted by


Jon Fawkes said...

I kinda like the face, I think it's cute

but yeah, the figure is totally off ^^:

Jyuichi said...

Yeah her face is real cute n' all its just like the coloring and paint looks really amateur. I hope Kotobunkya puts out a Komari to go with that delicious Rin >.>