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Friday, May 30, 2008

Navel Figure Collection

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On a note that has nothing to do with this picture: I updated the Alicemagic Translation final post with a link to a iPod-ready text version as well as that bulky pdf.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tomoyo After (or D.H.L. is S.L.O.)

DHL or American customs or w.e is awfully slow from Europe ^^; It's been two weeks and no Tomoyo After. Since the first company screwed up (evidently, my address doesn't exist) I'm a bit paranoid I admit but this is awfully slow for the amount they charge XP

(Of course none of this is the seller's fault so I'm not ragging on him; he's been extremely helpful through all this.)

So watch the opening :3

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I'm Playing

I'm playing a lot of games right now but not getting very far in any.

In the scope of English VNs I just finished ONE. It was painfully repetitive but the characters are very well developed. I promise to review this soon. I'm as far as possible in Higurashi (day 12) and it is a wonderful wonderful game in the sense that I can't sleep safe anymore. The writing is brilliant but NEVER play at night! Lastly, I need to finish Phantom of Inferno atleast once... the format is such a drag. I need to get back to Night of the Forget Me Nots as well... the endings are so numerous! Hotel Dusk has largely been forgotten but I hope to play some later tonight. (sorry Jimmy!)

While not a pure VN I am stuck on battle 5 of Gadget Trial. Anyone know how to get through it? (I suspect it has to do with the factory in the middle of the left lower side.) Graduation still haunts me with bad marks as well.

As for Japanese games I am playing Nanatsuiro Drops DS, Little Busters!, Primula's Little Big Adventure and Little Royale. I am through the main route of NDDS but not all the IF stories, its a fine adaptation of the anime version of the story but doesnt branch which was rather disappointing. Oddly only the IF stories are fully voiced. The minigames are excellent though.

I'm crawling through Kudo's route of Little Busters! and am near the end of SEEN4000. A lot to go on that.... Primula is extremely fun if limited and if anyone can hack it I could be persuaded to translate it as it is short. Little Royale is a LB doujin fighting game. Jon finished it a while back but I haven't managed too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


YouTube sure likes to be a pain. I'll type all this stuff twice since it didn't get posted the first time.

Navel's new game's prelude (what a mouthful of a phrase). I really want this but it comes out at the worst time : right before summer. (which is when I earn money to purchase aforementioned game.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

ななついろ*ドロップスDS! Or: why I don't have a life

From the title it is obvious what came in the mail today: Nanatsuiro Drops DS! The game is quite fun but Japanese knowledge is necessary unless you just want to play minigames. It follows the anime heavily including cut-scenes and the opening. Characters are not voiced except in the cutscenes. I wish I could buy the anime but I don't have a region-free player.

The first-press is absolutely adorable. I ordered it from National Console Support since Play-Asia was out when I was buying (they may have some now). Very fast shipping. The nendoroid of Sumomo is adorable and I will hang the posters soon :3. I love Sumomo's pajamas, they are pink with little sheep, I might poke around Yardage Town to find a similar print >.>

What do people do with spare nendoroid parts? I'm afraid of loosing them if I leave them laying around. ^^;

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My lovely Primula nendoroid (photo 2 posts down) arrived today. She is quite cute but a bit top heavy due to the voice chip and the nendoroid design. I have the "normal version" so she says "Oniichan" and "Neko". The voice quality is comparable to a mugen puchi puchi (the talking moe ones) and not as clear as a sound drop. Fine but not outstanding. She comes with three little kitties and no extra body parts but one could likely mix with other nendoroids to a point.

The minigame software that came with her is quite fun also. You can dress Primula and decorate her room. To earn "money" you play a multi-stage/level 2Dside-scrolling action game set in the demon world. You can talk to other SHUFFLE! characters(Everyone looks like 3D nendoroids.) who give you quests for the action game. You can buy new furniture and clothing with your winnings. There is a lot of clothing to buy 10 outfits, 39 head accessories (you start with three) and 32 others. I am not sure yet how much furniture there is but the shop for everything has 140 items.

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Monday, May 12, 2008


西又葵 オフィシャルサイト

The official site of one of Navel's (Shuffle!, Soul Link, etc.) lead artists. Includes lovely illustrations of character of other series such as Suzumiya Haruhi and LB!.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008



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This is a talking nendoroid of Primula from Shuffle! It comes with Windows minigame Software "プリムラのちっちゃな大ぼうけん!? (Primula's Little Big Adventure!?)".

Ebay is the worst temptress this world has ever faced.-_-

I got a decent price tho ^_^

Friday, May 9, 2008

SHUFFLE! Essence+

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SHUFFLE! Essence + has been announced. Kareha's and Mayumi's routes from the PS2 port "SHUFFLE! On The Stage" have been added to this new Windows release. It also seems from this picture and my limited Japanese that two more characters will be added (see corner). The first girl says "New character Daisy" and the other "New character Ruri = Matsuri " I leave that to your interpretation.

On a side note I am enjoying the SHUFFLE! anime greatly. (DVDs 1&2 were birthday gifts)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Back fron Little Tokyo! Ring up the damages

Hey I went to little Tokyo this weekend and scored some good deals. I got the Clannad Visual Fanbook for an average price but managed to find Nanatsuiro*Drops GNs (tankoban) 1 & 2 for 1$ each. Also picked up Magichu Little Busters! 4-koma volume 2.

Fun times indeed, and a great Japanese dinner too (the place is called Oomasa if anyone is ever in LA)