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Saturday, May 17, 2008

ななついろ*ドロップスDS! Or: why I don't have a life

From the title it is obvious what came in the mail today: Nanatsuiro Drops DS! The game is quite fun but Japanese knowledge is necessary unless you just want to play minigames. It follows the anime heavily including cut-scenes and the opening. Characters are not voiced except in the cutscenes. I wish I could buy the anime but I don't have a region-free player.

The first-press is absolutely adorable. I ordered it from National Console Support since Play-Asia was out when I was buying (they may have some now). Very fast shipping. The nendoroid of Sumomo is adorable and I will hang the posters soon :3. I love Sumomo's pajamas, they are pink with little sheep, I might poke around Yardage Town to find a similar print >.>

What do people do with spare nendoroid parts? I'm afraid of loosing them if I leave them laying around. ^^;

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