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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doll Cosplay

Sumomo's new clothes arrived today!

I'm annoyed with HobbySearch lying about the shipping charges. They say they charge by a provided weight chart. According to that chart these clothes weigh 1500g/3.3lb which cost 3200 yen to mail. The package says it weights 203 grams and cost 1200 yen to mail. I want my 2000yen back. I think someone made a innocent mistake because the customs form says "1500g" as well. I've ordered from HS before and the shipping price was accurate to their chart.

UPDATE: HobbySearch gave me 2000 points "store credit" to fix the shipping problem the same day I sent off my email. I'm satisfied with that :)

The package is simple with Kudo on the front (Resinya sells a Kudo head).

The clothes laid out. Its all very nice especially the skirt fabric. Fairly accurate costume overall.

Sumomo has a Azone Pure Neemo Advance body while this was made (I think) for the more posable obitsu body which has different proportions. I hope to get a obitsu body soon. The posablity would also make her easier to dress. Her thighs keep the skirt fairly high on her body.

Here you can get an idea of the accuracy compared to Koto's very excellent Rin PVC figure.

"How do I look?"

Overall I am happy with this costume despite the high price tag (4343yen + EMS shipping). I'll write a retailer review of HobbyStock sometime after I see how they handle my email about the shipping charge discrepancy. UPDATE : Received store credit very promptly to compensate for the mistake. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

iPod Touch: proof that God (or atleast Apple) loves humanity.

I got a iPod touch. I love it. Its wonderful. I love love LOVE my iPod mini (surrendered to my mom ATM, she lost hers) BUT the touch is the first worthy replacement for that blue wonder. Nano, photo, video, nothing was worth getting a new iPod untill the touch came out. I talked a 10$ discount out of the Apple Store so I could get 3.0 for free but then went and spent more money on apps. The app store is capitalism at its finest. And I still haven't bought a case ><

I actually have had my Mini full for a while so its nice being able to fit all my music on my iPod. Podcasts and videos are a great too.

Let me just say it here. I shouldn't have to buy a iPod touch to play Myst on modern technology. Myst needs quicktime 6 and DirectX7 to run on Windows XP so forget about it coexisting with any other media. It won't run on Leopard at all (no classic mode) and I hear the DS port is hideous.
Luckily the touch app seems nice so far. It clocks in at 727 MB (much bigger than the DS version and comparable in size to the original) and is the largest iPod app I know of. According to sources its 1.5GB when installed (glad I got a 32 GB!). Last time I played Myst I was a wee little thing and thought it was a pretty thing to click around in (and MS Bob was a dollhouse). Now I hope I can actually understand it better cause there are some pretty things I haven't clicked in a while that I miss.

I named this 'pod Rin so here is the current wallpaper:

Ghost face is from using the iPhoto retouch tool as a censor.
Where the ghost face is now is actually just white with my personal contact info (Full name/cell/email) in case it's lost/disputed/whatever but I don't need that all of the interwebs. :) Minutes are money.

Names of my electronics so far (some are long gone) and inspiration source:
  • Ye ol' Win98 box : Joshua (Wargames)
  • Crappy Compaq Presario : Itsuki (Doll)
  • MacBook Pro : Raki (Piece of Wonder)
  • Windows partition : Alecto (Piece of Wonder)
  • iPod Mini : Chise (Saikano)
  • iPod Touch : Rin (Little Busters!)
  • Purple Cellphone thats a cheap RAZR with a different name: Haruka (Little Busters!)
Anyone else out there name their electronics? I find "Front Room PC" and "Jane Doe's iPod" to be so dreary.

Sorry this post is so disconnected. I'm 24+ hours in to ownership and still am overexcited about my Touch.

Title joke besides, I'm not religious XP

Friday, June 19, 2009



Spymaster is a twitter game of sorts and largely dependent on your # of followers. You can complete tasks, assassinate other users, buy weapons and other such fun.

You get a bonus for allowing Spymaster to send notifications of your progress via your twitter account. While the urge to turn every one on is great its not kind to your non-spymaster followers. On the other hand, twitter asks "what are you doing?" and the notifications are specific to that question. Depends on your followers.

Follow me at @jyuichi if you do join :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Busters! Ecstasy Stuffed Doll Komari

Little Busters! Ecstasy Stuffed Doll Komari

Image Hosted by

Couldn't resist....

I ordered the Clover OVA DVD with her. I've been wanting that for a while. DarkHorse put out a really nice new edition of Clover I highly recommend. I have the old Chix Comix/Mixx/Tokyopop edition as well but DH is the best.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kino no Tabi and More Goodies (updated)

I went to BookOff despite going quite recently (see this post) because of an excellent game campaign. If you sell them 3 current-gen console games (worth more that 50 cents) you get an extra 10$. If you sell them 6 you get an extra 30$. I managed to scrounge up 6 and some ps2 games but had to split the money with my sister, leaving me with a bit over 30$ meaning half the money we got was because of the promotion.

My plan was to get the money and go over to Book Cafe J who had LB 3 on order for me. Of course it didn't work that way...

I ended up buying two things at BookOff. Guess the most expensive item in the picture?

The only planned purchase. The third volume of the wonderful LB 4 koma. Many obi are like this and simply provide a way to promote the book (rather than text printed on the book) and blend into the cover. They come off to leave a clean version of the same picture and I don't keep them. Not much to say except I LOVE THIS COMIC. Cover price is 780 yen but I paid a bit under 12 dollars which isn't bad for a special order from Japan (or so I keep telling my self).

The soundtrack for Air. A totally unplanned purchase but the stock is constantly changing so I went ahead and got it. 2 discs, 9 dollars. Its Air so there isn't much to be said. Shinji Orito can have my babies. (I'm joking!)

Here we have a product that I didn't know existed! I love Kino no Tabi and this little book/DVD set piqued my interest because I'd never seen it before, online or otherwise. Titled, キノの旅 〜とっておきの話〜 (Kino no Tabi ~totteoki no hanashi~) which loosely translates as "Kino's Travels ~Treasured Stories~". This book is comprised of two short stories and episode 00 of the anime. This set clocks in as the most expensive item (15$) but its Kino so no regrets. EDIT: Turns out to be a mail-order only item from '03.

The DVD with the prequel episode (12 minutes). Haven't watched it yet.

The book is mostly text with some illustrations.

The copyright page and anime cast information.

I spent more than I should have but I don't think I would have seen these items again or at that price. Such is the life of an otaku...

Blogger is really screwed up right now, periods appearing at the front of sentences in WYSIWYG mode. I'm typing in HTML mode just to be able to understand what I'm typing.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fate/Stay Night Uncensored Patch 1.0

Fate StayNight Uncensored Patch 1.0 - gemot encubed

For those of use who aren't turned on by pixels some generous folk uncensored the HCG from F/SN. BishopCruz gathered them together into a patch and I'm happy with the result so far (I've only made it to one H scene)

As a sidenote it took me roughly 15 hours to get to that scene. If you like action stories, you'll like F/SN and you can cntrl skip the (censored) H if it bothers you so don't judge the franchise on that. Some folk were working on a (further) censoring patch (to remove images and possibly related script) but I have no interest in that. Mirror Moon claims they'll do a non-ero patch at some point.

Another side note: I mark posts NSFW when the content I am linking to is solely adult in nature (this post) or contains explicit images (that dog figure). I will never include adult images on the blog itself because 1 I don't like how Blogger handles adult blogs (click a warning to view any post). 2 Its nice to have a heads up before you click a link in public (such as from a RSS feeder) and 3 I'm lazy. Posts NOT labels NSFW may contain mention of adult content but nothing too explict. Please post feedback on what you want warnings for!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fate/Stay Night & Kanon Artbooks

Went to BookOff! and found some nice art/fan books.

I don't keep the obis but it seems many people do since all these used books have them.They make it hard to shelf books so I always take them off. I've started to fold them (on the spine crease that already exists) and keep them in the back of the book now.

Also notice how much thicker the Kanon Visual Book is than the F/SN fanbook. It's actually 6 little books, one for each character and system book.

Kitty loves eroge artbooks!

The Kanon Visual books. On the back of each one is a small sketch version of the cover to show though the back of the slip case. Each is set up like its own little artbook with sections, etc. The Game System book has walk through charts and interviews.

A mini book is a bit thinner than a issue of Mac|Life or other perfect bound magazine.

Book Off is a bad place for me to go. Too much good stuff and and oddly large eroge artbook section.