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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fate/Stay Night & Kanon Artbooks

Went to BookOff! and found some nice art/fan books.

I don't keep the obis but it seems many people do since all these used books have them.They make it hard to shelf books so I always take them off. I've started to fold them (on the spine crease that already exists) and keep them in the back of the book now.

Also notice how much thicker the Kanon Visual Book is than the F/SN fanbook. It's actually 6 little books, one for each character and system book.

Kitty loves eroge artbooks!

The Kanon Visual books. On the back of each one is a small sketch version of the cover to show though the back of the slip case. Each is set up like its own little artbook with sections, etc. The Game System book has walk through charts and interviews.

A mini book is a bit thinner than a issue of Mac|Life or other perfect bound magazine.

Book Off is a bad place for me to go. Too much good stuff and and oddly large eroge artbook section.


amateur_cameko said...

By any chance have you ever seen Kanon: Visual Memories book? I'm still wondering if I should add that to my very short wishlist for Anime Expo. The Book Off location near me is all right...I went there for the first time yesterday, and I think it may be my new place for anime DVDs and CDs...

Jon Fawkes said...

I should go to book-off some time. It sounds like they've got hella-awesome stuff

Jyuichi said...

Haven't seen it there though I did seen Pre-Clannad. The stock changes all the time so it could pop up.

Kinokuniya stocks Kanon Visual Memories but it's shrink-wrapped so I haven't had the chance to leaf through it