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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fate/Stay Night Uncensored Patch 1.0

Fate StayNight Uncensored Patch 1.0 - gemot encubed

For those of use who aren't turned on by pixels some generous folk uncensored the HCG from F/SN. BishopCruz gathered them together into a patch and I'm happy with the result so far (I've only made it to one H scene)

As a sidenote it took me roughly 15 hours to get to that scene. If you like action stories, you'll like F/SN and you can cntrl skip the (censored) H if it bothers you so don't judge the franchise on that. Some folk were working on a (further) censoring patch (to remove images and possibly related script) but I have no interest in that. Mirror Moon claims they'll do a non-ero patch at some point.

Another side note: I mark posts NSFW when the content I am linking to is solely adult in nature (this post) or contains explicit images (that dog figure). I will never include adult images on the blog itself because 1 I don't like how Blogger handles adult blogs (click a warning to view any post). 2 Its nice to have a heads up before you click a link in public (such as from a RSS feeder) and 3 I'm lazy. Posts NOT labels NSFW may contain mention of adult content but nothing too explict. Please post feedback on what you want warnings for!


vn gamer said...

woah thanks

Anonymous said...

is the link still working? It seems to be down.