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Monday, June 22, 2009

iPod Touch: proof that God (or atleast Apple) loves humanity.

I got a iPod touch. I love it. Its wonderful. I love love LOVE my iPod mini (surrendered to my mom ATM, she lost hers) BUT the touch is the first worthy replacement for that blue wonder. Nano, photo, video, nothing was worth getting a new iPod untill the touch came out. I talked a 10$ discount out of the Apple Store so I could get 3.0 for free but then went and spent more money on apps. The app store is capitalism at its finest. And I still haven't bought a case ><

I actually have had my Mini full for a while so its nice being able to fit all my music on my iPod. Podcasts and videos are a great too.

Let me just say it here. I shouldn't have to buy a iPod touch to play Myst on modern technology. Myst needs quicktime 6 and DirectX7 to run on Windows XP so forget about it coexisting with any other media. It won't run on Leopard at all (no classic mode) and I hear the DS port is hideous.
Luckily the touch app seems nice so far. It clocks in at 727 MB (much bigger than the DS version and comparable in size to the original) and is the largest iPod app I know of. According to sources its 1.5GB when installed (glad I got a 32 GB!). Last time I played Myst I was a wee little thing and thought it was a pretty thing to click around in (and MS Bob was a dollhouse). Now I hope I can actually understand it better cause there are some pretty things I haven't clicked in a while that I miss.

I named this 'pod Rin so here is the current wallpaper:

Ghost face is from using the iPhoto retouch tool as a censor.
Where the ghost face is now is actually just white with my personal contact info (Full name/cell/email) in case it's lost/disputed/whatever but I don't need that all of the interwebs. :) Minutes are money.

Names of my electronics so far (some are long gone) and inspiration source:
  • Ye ol' Win98 box : Joshua (Wargames)
  • Crappy Compaq Presario : Itsuki (Doll)
  • MacBook Pro : Raki (Piece of Wonder)
  • Windows partition : Alecto (Piece of Wonder)
  • iPod Mini : Chise (Saikano)
  • iPod Touch : Rin (Little Busters!)
  • Purple Cellphone thats a cheap RAZR with a different name: Haruka (Little Busters!)
Anyone else out there name their electronics? I find "Front Room PC" and "Jane Doe's iPod" to be so dreary.

Sorry this post is so disconnected. I'm 24+ hours in to ownership and still am overexcited about my Touch.

Title joke besides, I'm not religious XP

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Kuroi said...

Apple really does an awesome job with the app store. I imagine that it won't be many years in the future before no one buys software in a box at a store anymore. Online software sales is the way of the future~