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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doll Cosplay

Sumomo's new clothes arrived today!

I'm annoyed with HobbySearch lying about the shipping charges. They say they charge by a provided weight chart. According to that chart these clothes weigh 1500g/3.3lb which cost 3200 yen to mail. The package says it weights 203 grams and cost 1200 yen to mail. I want my 2000yen back. I think someone made a innocent mistake because the customs form says "1500g" as well. I've ordered from HS before and the shipping price was accurate to their chart.

UPDATE: HobbySearch gave me 2000 points "store credit" to fix the shipping problem the same day I sent off my email. I'm satisfied with that :)

The package is simple with Kudo on the front (Resinya sells a Kudo head).

The clothes laid out. Its all very nice especially the skirt fabric. Fairly accurate costume overall.

Sumomo has a Azone Pure Neemo Advance body while this was made (I think) for the more posable obitsu body which has different proportions. I hope to get a obitsu body soon. The posablity would also make her easier to dress. Her thighs keep the skirt fairly high on her body.

Here you can get an idea of the accuracy compared to Koto's very excellent Rin PVC figure.

"How do I look?"

Overall I am happy with this costume despite the high price tag (4343yen + EMS shipping). I'll write a retailer review of HobbyStock sometime after I see how they handle my email about the shipping charge discrepancy. UPDATE : Received store credit very promptly to compensate for the mistake. :)


Jon Fawkes said...

Aw, adorable X3 Sumomo looks great in the LB costume

Magedark said...

I dig the costume. Sumomo looks too cute in the LB costume. It's almost criminal.

Kuroi said...

That's sooooo cute! I'm jealous!