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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project 10 to the 100th

Project 10 to the 100th

This is not an otaku post for once... but keep reading for me?

Google has outdone themselves. This project for their 10th birthday is a commitment to spend 10 million dollars on helping people globally. How? That's up to you. Google is calling for everyone and anyone to submit an idea. This project is available in 17 languages currently so no excuses.

Lets change the world.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Waiting on ToysLogic....

08/16/2008 Processing order comments
08/16/2008 Processing payment completed
08/20/2008 Waiting for More Holding the following figures and ship later:
Little Busters - Noumi Kudryavka Tea Cup
09/09/2008 Waiting for More Holding the following figures and ship later:
Little Busters - Noumi Kudryavka Tea Cup
Little Busters - 1/8 Komari Kamikita PVC Figure

As you can see I've been waiting a while for some LB! figures (and a splurge cup). Both Rin and Komari were pushed back to Oct.4th (original date was 8/31) but then Komari (x2 : One for Aki) came in early but not Rin. Even though its from LA I'm too cheap to ship the first three items now because 1) I could buy a manga for that 2)Komari will be lonely without Rin 3) Conjecture made me broke. Now we are finally approaching the new release date scheduled for Rin and I am quite anxious to receive her already.

ToysLogic has been really nice to me and has a good website but their distributor seems to be a bit iffy.

Chaos;HEAd Promo with Anime Footage Streamed - Anime News Network

Chaos;HEAd Promo with Anime Footage Streamed - Anime News Network

I linked to the ANN post here because it has english instruction on getting to the trailer. It look promising even if the art looks soso compared to the game.

Someone in the ANN forum said this was based on a doujin game despite the games credits being in the news article -__-

Oh and Clannad (TV probably) is licensed... maybe a thin pak someday..

Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Both Aki and I have acquired Hatsune Miku nendoroids as the AAA distribution trickles down through the local shops. Shes every bit as well made and cute as the pictures make her look. A fabulous figure.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Domo Furoshiki

どーもくん 小風呂敷 豆旅人| DVD・キャラクターグッズ 通販サイトのNHKエンタープライズ

My mother and I really like the Domo furoshiki that NHK offers but we cannot order the items since we do not have a Japanese address or credit card. Japan is so closed :-'(

At Target I got another Domo plush (pumpkin) and a small soft Domo square tote with candy. Yay for Target!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been sucked into the cult of Domo. The little one is my Ninja Domo Mimobot (Flash Drive) with all his 8 GB glory protected in a fuzzy hoodie (!). The large Dracula Domo I got at Target earlier today as Target's Halloween promotion is Domo focused (an unusual choice for them). The Domo stuff endcap was almost completely empty, I got one of two left pushies. Upon leaving the store, Domo in hand, he immeadately got comments from cute girls what a playboy!

Here's to hoping for massive Target restocks

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow me on Blogger ?

Yeah, Same thing as the other blog. Please follow me on blogger if you like my blog. Also, if you have a blog leave it in the comments section and I'll check it out ^_~

Saikano Supplementary Volume : You and the Two of Them at the End of the World (?)

最終兵器彼女 外伝集 世界の果てには君と二人で

Bit shaky on that title translation ^^; but yes, this is a supplementary volume of Saikano!!! I found it unsuspectingly at my local Book Off (still one copy in stock at San Diego branch!) Several color parts for every story as well as a Saikano illustration gallery make this a nice buy :D

Stories included:
  • わたしたちは散歩する (We go on a stroll) Chapter 4 : This is Shin Presents! 4 koma series chapter four. The chapters are seemingly not connected.
  • 世界の果てには君と二人で。。。(Long title I am not typing it out):This is a long story with a long name I haven't tried to power through yet. New cast and subtitle: "The Last Folk Song on This Little Planet" Set during the time of Saikano.
  • LOVE STORY, KILLED. : This one was published a couple years back around the anime announcement and quite a few fan translations can be found on the net. An excellent story.
  • スター*チャイルド (Star Child) : Again I have not read this story yet (as I am lazy and have eroge to play) but seems likely to be an aftermath story.
  • ギャラリ 「最終兵器彼女の世界」(Gallery : The World of She, The Ultimate Weapon) Color art SinPre has made of Saikano since the release of Love Song 2002 artbook.

Don't expect to find this in English any time soon despite that Viz hold the license for the original 7 books.

She, The Ultimate Weapon, or Saikano is an amazing romantic seinen manga and I would highly recommend it to all mature fans but just as a reminder, Takahashi Shin puts the graphic in graphic novel as this series (including this supplementary volume) contains serious depictions of war and sex (sometimes together). XP

Wednesday, September 10, 2008