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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kanon Costume is Done!

Kanon Costume Quick Shot
Originally uploaded by kis_kat
Well I finished my Kanon costume just in time for Halloween! I did the 2nd year shawl because I like the blue better. I might get a Mai wig sometime. the collar didn't come out how I wanted it to but I am quite happy with the shawl because I used a knit, so it feels like something that would actually be in a winter uniform.:D

I also added a pocket to the right side panel's back seam. I can't stand clothes with no pockets.

I am pretty happy with this costume. Sorry about the low image quality, I'm using an iSight (and holding the mouse to use it lol) and Aki will probably take some better ones later.

UPDATE: Oh, and DokiMajo 2 came today. The puchi nendoroids are very cute but hard to assemble. The special CD is mac-compatible also :D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apple says No to Prop. 8

This is a serious post... deal with it.

The Technology Chronicles : Apple donates $100,000 to fight Prop. 8

In a controversial move, Apple has announced that it is publicly opposing California Proposition 8. Prop 8 is a movement to overturn the Californian Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Prop 8 seeks to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. Apple has donated 100,000 USD to group to prevent the passing of this proposition, stating that "Apple views this as a civil rights issue, rather than just a political issue, and is therefore speaking out publicly against Proposition 8."

I found this particularly amusing since the "Yes on 8" groups has been blatantly targeting businesses that give money to gay-rights groups urging them to "Make a donation of a like amount to which will help us correct this error". (SD Union Tribune) Businesses that do not will be listed publicly. I don't see who would fall for this extortion. They made their donation for a reason. To add more insanity to this fight... the biggest donors for Prop 8 are NOT Californians. The law of California does NOT effect them. (As a note, Apple is based in California.)

Another reason to be happy with my shiny new MBP.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

From the WTF department: DeathNote+2chan=?

Ever wonder what you would get it someone took a chapter of DeathNote and changed all the ... to www (laughing in Japanese; like lol)? Now you can know~! It all goes better with dramatic classical music of course. Please note this has DeathNote spoilers since its a certain middle chapter we all remember very well... (though everyone spoils this chapter anyhow)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I am reviewing next <---NSFW!

Yes, its a eroge for once, an actual eroge. Most importantly a new, cheap, and promising looking one with no fancy patches to install. Seems to have dark themes and full voice and animation. I'm looking forward to this one. Especially since I now have a computer that can run animated games :D

And I have heard rumor of a mac version.

New computer, witch touching, and Erin

Well, I am back from my excursion to Oregon. We of course went to the Portland area Kinokuniya Shoten where I picked up the first two volumes of "Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese" a NHK video series with textbooks for foreigners learning Japanese. I also grabbed Lucky Star GN 1.

Image Hosted by

When I came home I was greeted by a small package from eBay: Doki Doki Majyo Shinpan. This had to wait though because I had to head off to the FedEx depot to pick up my new MacBook Pro.

Yes, I am typing from it now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO [First Print Limited Edition Box] on sale

Buy Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO [First Print Limited Edition Box] (Nintendo DS) - Order Now!
Image Hosted by
The aforementioned game is Play Asia's deal of the week. It's quite a good price at under 40$ + shipping.

This is the limited edition box that comes with:
  • 2 petite nendoroid figures by GSC
  • a student book of some sort
  • a mascot charm set
  • a special CD-ROM
  • heat sensitive stripping card.
  • The game (well duh)
I ordered this just a minute ago despite not having the first one yet (its in the mail). I actually have wanted this set for quite sometime and just despise buying things out of order. This sequel actually has a higher CERO rating than its out of print predecessor (likely due to the jiggly boobs) and would probably function as a fine stand alone introduction to the series.

Honestly, I would have preferred to spread out the purchases but weekly deals are timed -_-

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ai space is open!

ホーム| ai sp@ce(アイスペース) 3D生活空間サービス

ai sp@ce the bishoujo game based MMO social game, is open to most of the public as of now.

When I get my new computer I shall try it out.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ordered new MacBook Pro and Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, box came from CDJapan

Well I ordered a new computer. The shiny new MacBook Pro high end 15' model with the processor upped to 2.8 Ghz. My totally awesome parent's are footing the bill for the majority of this amazing machine.

I also ordered Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! used from eBay for about 10 dollars + shipping. This is the infamous witch touching game. Play-Asia is having a special on the sequel by the way.

My SAL box from CDJapan came with my LB! long strap, it is indeed quite long unlike most other cell straps from the Japanese market, I can fit both hands through it comfortably. The cloth strap is decorated with the baseball chibis of all the main characters, girls on one side, boys on the other. It comes with a metal charm of the teams logo also.

I also ordered Re:Package, Hatsune Miku's first commercial album, all musical performance by livetune. I might have actually received the sold out first press as it came in a fancy hologrammed box with such kanji on the label. (First press bonus is a caramel box what ever that is) I will update this post when I listen to it so check back :3

UPDATE : Fun electronic-style music. Unlike many albums I actually like all of the songs. Recommended

Thursday, October 9, 2008

AppleInsider | Apple makes October 14th MacBook event official

AppleInsider | Apple makes October 14th MacBook event official


If this is a macbook but not macbookpro event I will cry.

Pray for new MBPs so I can get back to playing games and reviewing them for you all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alicemagic closer to final translation : Google Docs posting isn't quite there yet.

Closer to final translation of Alicemagic by Rita... Posting from Google Docs doesn't really work right yet so sorry about the lack of title for a couple hours

akaneiro no kumo omoide mo futatsu tooku nagarete ikuyo
hibiku kane no oto kakera kimi to hitotsu zutsu
ashita wa tenki ni nare

hoshi no mukou ikerukana
sora mitsumete aruku hito hikari
tsuki no ue hitori demo
rasen no hate e kaketeikuyo

kimi wa naita ato waraeru hazu dakaratte ittanda
bokura no tabi wasuretarishinai yo
nakusanai you mahou kakete sayonara o tsutaenai
arukidasu yo mata itsuka

kieru kageboushi machi wa somaru yuuhiiro omoidasenai
takai kono bashou de miokuru kimi to yakusoku
ashita wa te o tsunagou

niji no kaze ni nabikarete
mitsukaranai boku wa doko e ikou
shiranai yume no kanata
tomadou ARISU sono saki made

tsutaerarenakatta kotoba o ietara saigo ni shinai
bokura no tabi mada wakaremichi demo
soredemo mezamete kieteku
sei ippai no egao de miokuru yo kimi no koto o

zutto sagasenai kotoba to hatasenakata yakusoku
owaranai owari nan de nai koto

kimi wa shiranai mama de ite, boku mo iwanai mama de
dakedo kitto kaerenai

kimi wa naita ato waraeru hazu dakaratte ittanda
bokura no tabi wasuretarishinai yo
nakusanai you mahou kakete sayonara o tsutaenai
arukidasu yo mata itsuka
Deep red clouds, memories too, they leave and flow far away.
Ringing bell, fragments of you piece by piece
Become a clear tomorrow.

Buried beyond the stars
Staring at space I walk, a single light
Alone above the moon but
Running to the end of the spiral

You said we should be able to laugh after we cry
Don't let our journey be forgotten.
To lose nothing magic is cast, not saying goodbye
Someday we will walk again.

I cannot forget the disappearing silhouettes as the street is dyed by the setting sun.
From that tall place I can see you off with our promise.
Tomorrow, we will link hands.

Fluttering in a rainbow breeze,
The place I am going cannot be found.
The far side of an unknown dream,
bewildered Alice, going to that kind of place.

Words that cannot convey through the end won't do,
Our journey is again a forked road.
But still, when you wake up it will disappear.
I smile with all my might as I see you off.

Words that cannot be found and our promise that cannot be fulfilled.
Things like a never-ending end don't exist.

You still don't know and I still haven't said,
However surely we cannot return.

You said we should be able to laugh after we cry
Don't let our journey be forgotten.
To lose nothing magic is cast, not saying goodbye
Someday we will walk again.


茜色の雲 思い出も二つ 遠く流れていくよ
響く鐘の音 カケラ君と一つずつ

空見つめて歩く ひとひかり
月の上 一人でも
螺旋の果てへ 駆けていくよ
 僕らの旅 忘れたりしないよ
 失くさないよう魔法かけて さよならを伝えない
 歩き出すよ またいつか

消える影法師 街は染まる夕陽色 思い出せない
 高いこの場所で見送る 君と約束

 見つからない僕は どこへいこう
 戸惑うアリス その先まで

 伝えられなかった言葉を 言えたら最後にしない
 僕らの旅 また分かれ道でも
 精一杯の笑顔で見送るよ 君のことを

 ずっと探せない言葉と 果たせなかった約束

君は知らないままでいて 僕も言わないままで

 僕らの旅 忘れたりしないよ
 失くさないよう魔法かけて さよならを伝えない
 歩き出すよ またいつか

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Computer, do me a favor....

Well as some of you know, the body of my compaq presario 2104 had a failure in the wiring a long while back. To my joy, my sister's much abused old computer of the same model (she got a new one because "it made funny noises) could still turn on. (Mind you this was prime time to buy a macbook) So my hard drive was swapped.

Now we are at the end of the macbook cycle, as in "updates as soon as 7 days from now according to popular rumors". End Of Cycle. Of course now my parents want me to get a new computer not wait for the new model.

But I am determined to ride this piece of shit at least another week. (It's well over 4 years old)

Problems with this PoS in chronological order

- I UPGRADED it to 512 RAM.... and that's as many slots as it has....

-USB port 1 : physically destroyed by my sister being dumb and leaving computers with plugged in USB devices on couches

-Headphones port : cuts in and out due to manufacturing defect (also evident in my dead body but much less severe) I tape the cord to the body at an angle to hold the port correctly
-PCI slot : broken (for wireless card since internal is crap) I sit with a cord running from my wireless router to my computer....

-Right click trackpad : Sometimes works sometimes not, sister's cat sitting on said sisters lap and trackpad when sister used said PoS

-Keyboard : Only two keys missing: [ and ], just kind of fell off one day.

-Charging port : At first it heated up to not let me unplug the charger, now I can only use my sister's old one as it won't fit my targus one anymore (my compaq brand on broke long ago). You could lift the laptop by the charging plug when it was hot. Now the charger doesn't unplug from the computer. Ever. So its become shaky and doesn't work all the time.

-USB port 2 : Inconsistent but mostly not working. causing the coolerpad to not work leading too.. Probably because it became the port sister left USB devices plugged in to and then left on couches

-OVERHEATING : I've burned my self on this thing... this causes the charger problem too as something in the port swells around the plug or something...

So lets all pray for new MacBookPros on October 14th okay?

(Since I've been wanting a mac for about three and a half years...)

and remember... Friends don't let friends buy Compaqs

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kamikita Komari PVC and a Kudryavka Cup, Domo too

Toyslogic box came today. Aki and I are going to do a photo shoot of Komari so no photos now.

She is super hard to dissasemble (to get the plastic protector sheets out of between pieces) but shes amazingly cute. She has toenails! Absolute favorite 1/8th figure I own. The essence of moe. SPOILER on color changing "secret" : panties change from white w/ red stripe to lavender w/ no stripes but I was too lazy to wait that long with the hair dryer so I got to lavender with pale stripes. ^^:

The Kudryavka cup I ordered on a whim. She is very nice looking and I am about to go make a cup of tea after this post. See her here: (you can backorder her here too but I am not fond of HLJ)

Lastly, I got a little envelope from eBay. The completely sold-out (in San Diego at least) Domo Reuseable bag from Target. It folds up very nicely and has two pockets. I also got the Domo Target Gift Card (empty) because noone sold just the bag.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


If you can't read the title this post will likely mean very little to you. Hatsune Miku singing (with some random woman) Kenji Miyazawa's Hoshi Meguri no Uta. Then again this song was used in Planetarian (but only sung in the unpatched CD version) so you all might care. :) The actual music says "allegro" or something of the sort but the Japanese can't read Italian (I guess) so deal with the uber-slowness.

Yeah you need a niconico account to view it. Get one. XP

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hatsune Miku Stripping Game

- Malaysia, a Sweet Trap -: Hatsune Miku Stripping Game

While wandering the internet I find lots of things, fun, strange, disturbing, cute. This one is all three? Plays like brick breaker but with Miku's clothes as the bricks.

I'm not very good at brick games. The big strip was from a lucky power ball

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miku mania and top 5 bishojo

Well as you all know I finally bought the Miku nendoroid (2nd wave). She is amazingly cute, nendoroids consistently exceed my expectations despite this being my third.

Then I bought a copy of Livetune feat. Miku because CDJapan had the LB! long strap I've been infinitely backordered on with HLJ.

Then, (with a generous deal from my dad who admires all things in comic stores) I bought Kei Illustrations which among lots of pages of amazing art, has all of the offical Vocaloid2 drawings. It also smells of rosemary.

My top bishoujo (atm)
1) Hoshino Yumemi
2) Chi
3) Komari Kamikita
4) Chise
5)Hatsune Miku

Waiting on Toyslogic still.. but shipping the rest..

Well I got a lovely email 2 days ago notifying me Rin will be pushed back yet another month. So I told them to ship Komari and etc now so I have something next week if not the whole order =P I got an email back today with an acceptance of the split.

Should have listened to Aki and doled out the split shipping charge when Komari came in...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Planetarian book RERELEASE!!!!

『planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~』の小説が10/31に発売|Key Official HomePage

The limited edition way out of print book that came with both packaged editions of planetarian is being rereleased on halloween. This is a Good Thing (TM).

How to get monies?

And I bought the Kei artbook and ordered Livetune feat Miku. But Revvie > Miku, I'm sorry folks so that is small info now

EDIT: THIS is the best possible use of the new Visual Bunko line.. how could I not see it coming?!?!