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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Computer, do me a favor....

Well as some of you know, the body of my compaq presario 2104 had a failure in the wiring a long while back. To my joy, my sister's much abused old computer of the same model (she got a new one because "it made funny noises) could still turn on. (Mind you this was prime time to buy a macbook) So my hard drive was swapped.

Now we are at the end of the macbook cycle, as in "updates as soon as 7 days from now according to popular rumors". End Of Cycle. Of course now my parents want me to get a new computer not wait for the new model.

But I am determined to ride this piece of shit at least another week. (It's well over 4 years old)

Problems with this PoS in chronological order

- I UPGRADED it to 512 RAM.... and that's as many slots as it has....

-USB port 1 : physically destroyed by my sister being dumb and leaving computers with plugged in USB devices on couches

-Headphones port : cuts in and out due to manufacturing defect (also evident in my dead body but much less severe) I tape the cord to the body at an angle to hold the port correctly
-PCI slot : broken (for wireless card since internal is crap) I sit with a cord running from my wireless router to my computer....

-Right click trackpad : Sometimes works sometimes not, sister's cat sitting on said sisters lap and trackpad when sister used said PoS

-Keyboard : Only two keys missing: [ and ], just kind of fell off one day.

-Charging port : At first it heated up to not let me unplug the charger, now I can only use my sister's old one as it won't fit my targus one anymore (my compaq brand on broke long ago). You could lift the laptop by the charging plug when it was hot. Now the charger doesn't unplug from the computer. Ever. So its become shaky and doesn't work all the time.

-USB port 2 : Inconsistent but mostly not working. causing the coolerpad to not work leading too.. Probably because it became the port sister left USB devices plugged in to and then left on couches

-OVERHEATING : I've burned my self on this thing... this causes the charger problem too as something in the port swells around the plug or something...

So lets all pray for new MacBookPros on October 14th okay?

(Since I've been wanting a mac for about three and a half years...)

and remember... Friends don't let friends buy Compaqs

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