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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miku mania and top 5 bishojo

Well as you all know I finally bought the Miku nendoroid (2nd wave). She is amazingly cute, nendoroids consistently exceed my expectations despite this being my third.

Then I bought a copy of Livetune feat. Miku because CDJapan had the LB! long strap I've been infinitely backordered on with HLJ.

Then, (with a generous deal from my dad who admires all things in comic stores) I bought Kei Illustrations which among lots of pages of amazing art, has all of the offical Vocaloid2 drawings. It also smells of rosemary.

My top bishoujo (atm)
1) Hoshino Yumemi
2) Chi
3) Komari Kamikita
4) Chise
5)Hatsune Miku

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Anonymous said...

I adore Komarin, too :)