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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kanon Costume is Done!

Kanon Costume Quick Shot
Originally uploaded by kis_kat
Well I finished my Kanon costume just in time for Halloween! I did the 2nd year shawl because I like the blue better. I might get a Mai wig sometime. the collar didn't come out how I wanted it to but I am quite happy with the shawl because I used a knit, so it feels like something that would actually be in a winter uniform.:D

I also added a pocket to the right side panel's back seam. I can't stand clothes with no pockets.

I am pretty happy with this costume. Sorry about the low image quality, I'm using an iSight (and holding the mouse to use it lol) and Aki will probably take some better ones later.

UPDATE: Oh, and DokiMajo 2 came today. The puchi nendoroids are very cute but hard to assemble. The special CD is mac-compatible also :D


Dango said...

Wow, you made it on your own!? Pretty amazing! It sure looks good on you^^

Jon Fawkes said...

Very cute :3 amazing work