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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ai space is open!

ホーム| ai sp@ce(アイスペース) 3D生活空間サービス

ai sp@ce the bishoujo game based MMO social game, is open to most of the public as of now.

When I get my new computer I shall try it out.

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nemuiwanko said...

Nemuiwanko from the Toyslogic forum here. Interesting blog you have there ^_^ As for aispace, I'm waiting to try it out as well. However, my sempai on the blog I participate on sometimes, has made a post about it. In case you're wondering how the gameplay and world in there looks hop on the link if you're curious:

Other than that, I'll be reading more of your blog! And weird, wordpress problems are preventing me from submitting comments under my account x_x