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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Domo 5 Inch Valentine's Day Plush : This time posted to the right blog!!!! Domo 5 Inch Valentine's Day Plush Figure: Toys & Games

A pink Domo plushie! I got him at Target, along with Hello Kitty valentines. SO KYOOT

And I wasn't paying attention in Blog This! so I posted this thing to my class project blog, accidentally. Good thing I fought to get admin privileges ^^;

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dockless Download Page

I've been using this for a while acutally.

Dockless makes programs not appear in the Dock: that's it. The process is straightforward and won't damage any applications as it just changes a single setting that is in all OS X programs. From what I understand, many parts of OS X such as Spotlight and Expose are applications with the aforementioned property turned off.

Be warned: A program not in the dock is not in +Tab so it cannot be accessed at all unless it uses a system tray icon to launch or has a window open. iAntivirus is great in this regard: I just use the system tray to do what I need with it. Dockless can undo anything it does but please think twice before turning on/off the dock icon for Finder/login.window etc... messing with system files can lead to system damage.

EDIT: WINDOWS folks have fun with OuttaSight... I've never used it but JonFawkes likes it ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wakeless Days is big enough to get spam!

Some idiot thought he would get free promotion for his spam blog by posting comments here, so I reported his ass to Google. Ye all are warned.

You can see the shell of his "comment" in the post below.

iChat Backgrounds

Pretty neat feature I found, its in the view menu.

Image is from Champagne* which is a great doujin circle that costs obscene amounts through Himeya. (and I buy them anyhow) Clannad's Fuko is hiding in there too.

Sunday, January 25, 2009



I am considered a font nazi by many in multimedia so I couldn't resist linking to this.:)

Damn you BookOff... Ayu Tsukimiya by Max Factory

I was looking for CDs...

I have nothing more to say.... I'm really running out of room and shouldn't have bought her but for under 35 how could I say no?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

メーカー非公式初音みっくす - The offical "unoffical" Miku comic メーカー非公式初音みっくす 1 (1) (CR COMICS DX): KEI: 本

メーカー非公式初音みっくす 1
# コミック
#価格: ¥ 735
# 出版社: ジャイブ (2008/12)
# ISBN-10: 4861765897
# ISBN-13: 978-4861765896
# 発売日: 2008/12

Having checked this out as a scanslation because I could not find a collected book, I was happy to see this title in the J-List update! I will likely order it from Book Cafe J tomorrow. Just as an FYI, if your near a JP bookstore print out the info above and show it to them: they may be able to order it.

Aprons and iWork

iWork 09 came in the mail today, didn't fuss with the trial edition I had installed at all. The packaging reminds me of how my iPod came (my ancient iPod Mini) with the slipcase over a "book" that folds out to have the product on the right and manuals etc on the left (via a flap on the top). Yeeep, a lot like my iPod.

After using OpenOffice for so long I feel bad buying office programs but I like that Pages has basic layout/design/publishing features as well as word processing. That and I really struggle with OpenOffice Calc..... I'm still keeping OO.o since it is superior to MS Office and iWork certainly isn't suffient on its own.

And Ajinomoto (the best frozen food company and inventors of the sinfully yummy MSG) sent me a apron for completing a survey. Its by Port Authorty and has Teflon woven in it.

I need to go to Marukai tomorrow to get more of their gyu and gyoza. The Costco dumplings just don't taste as good. The gyu is great for bento since I can use my own fresh rice, though the pre-made don are tasty for busy evenings.

No I really aren't paid by Ajinomoto, I just like thier products and this apron :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sitting Figmas...

It's not easy...

From Miku figures

More where that came from in the link above --^

Microsoft, Macs, & Bill Gates in 1983 Teen Beat Magazine

Slashdot | Bill Gates in 1983 Teen Beat Magazine:

"'To create a new standard takes something that's not just a little bit different. It takes something that's really new and captures people's imaginations. Macintosh meets that standard.'
- Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board & CEO Microsoft Corporation"

One of the photos of Gates from Teen Beat (annotated by me):

Even Gates likes Macs. Most importantly, lets hope Ballmer never tries to recreate this shot.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My DS is screwed up..

My DS has been freezing more and more since comiccon but now I can't even play for 10 minutes without freezing... As you can see here, it copied the image across both screens when it froze (normally it just freezes with both screens normal...

What a bummer..

Monday, January 19, 2009

The voices scare me....

Infomania: What is the relationship between Apple and lain?:

"Close the World, Open the nExt"

I can see all the Lain viewers pop up with interest at that last line. Apple fans might be surprised to know how much trivia regarding their favorite company is in this show.

First: go to System Preferences > Speech > More Voices > Whisper

Hit Play. Sound familiar? It should.

Ah that show was great...

Updated: Now the cover my Computer Info Binder (with my recovery discs/manuals/etc) has Lain/Think Different on it:

Maru & Moro from xxxHolic PVC

Maru & Moro

Very cute, I might consider getting it as the pose is dynamic and I love the series.

Raiding the Carcass of Circuit City

As today is a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. I had no school. What better day to enjoy the America pastime shopping? (its sarcasm okay?)

Circuit City is going out of business so we swung by to get what we could before it was raided to badly:

This notebook cooler for a bit more than Amazon but without the hassle of waiting.
(Amazon is cheaper than it was last time I checked though)

Hello Kitty DS skin

The inside came with another piece for the bottom but I didn't like it (and i already had my own kitty sticker in the corner).

The top and bottom pieces are very thick and cute. I have wanted a DS skin for a while but never found one that looked good with the DS pink. The bottom is actually much straighter than it looks here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photos of my Nanatsuiro Drops DVDs

I appreciate well designed packaging, especially for things I keep the boxes of like DVDs. The nice thing about these is the two boxes (easier to handle) and the slimmer cases (about 2/3rd as thick as the usual style. The jewel case style is very pretty.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RLVM 0.5

They fixed the biggest issue with RLVM 0.4! You can play patched Kanon now! (I patched in Windows... WINE should work too but Intel Macs and WINE? What a pain.)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Pissed

More on Iris...

While her skirt is still hell on earth to get off over those lovely hips....She stands now, without support and (after I just knocked her over with my hand...) too much work to set up.

She is still unreasonably loose, still skirt is badly designed to get over those hips... but she stands and that is the point of her so I'm much happier.

I am still afraid to unclothe her again because of that damn skirt being too small to fit over without stretching....

And the Princess Waltz review is at 1100 words. I can't believe how long this game has taken me with all this excitement going on around me. A very deep apology to Mutio and Peach Princess for the wait.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Incredilbly Pissed....

Okay, I got Iris to cast off? I should be happy right?

Now she won't stand (clothed) anymore.... her upper body falls off the peg. I have to use something to hold her back from tipping. If I had known this would happen I would have never cast her off. It was really effing hard to pull her upper body loose but the peg doesn't go in that sturdily.

Very disappointed with those who reported this figure as designed for cast off. It may be cast-off-able but she sure isn't designed for it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Mac Cheat Sheet

My Mac Cheat Sheet

Yes it is a bit N00bish but honestly... how many of us have this information on hand when the computer will not turn on?

Yeah I thought so.

I keep all my stuff in a binder (Install discs, books, etc) so this is going in the 2nd page (1st is all the Apple stickers I have XD).

PC people, you might want to keep this info on hand too

RLVM 0.4

Thread on Gemot about RLVM

RLVM is a Reallive emulator that allows one to play games by Visual Arts (primarily the works of Key) on Mac or Linux. Right now it only works with a couple games including Planetarian (unvoiced edition) and Kanon Standard Edition (and the All Ages variant...why did I buy that XP). Possibly Air SE but I haven't tried.

It may only work with a couple games but it works WELL:

Yes the opening video works!

It has a nicer right-click menu than the original does.

Of course the novel part works too ^_^

-Tomoyo After (demo) won't show the title screen
-SEEN files not in SEEN.txt are ignored (RealLive.exe opts to use these files over SEEN.txt)
- No voice support yet
- The Mac-specific +Q is not supported yet

As you can see from behind the game in some shots... you just run the application and select a game. Nothing complicated, RLVM doesn't even need to be in the game directory.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Girls at Once?!

Two lovely figures came in the mail today :D

From Figures of Jan 09
Two boxes from two shipments from two sellers! Lets open them up!

Iris is looking good!

Ah, dear Rin... Kotobukiya captured the essence of her really well. So much packaging though!

The pair.

Rin gets mad if you take her skirt off -^_^-

Iris next to my computer for now... where to put her?

The shelf is getting full! Poor Tomoyo in the corner.

I like the ears so much :3 The normal face has a much nicer hue to the skin and is a lot cuter than the angry one.

I bought this figure because I liked this pose so much. Her hair flows well

She's a cast off but how do I get the damn skirt off?!?! I got the belt loose (above) but can't get it off

Blurrish but I like her facial expression

More photos when I figure out how to get that skirt off!