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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aprons and iWork

iWork 09 came in the mail today, didn't fuss with the trial edition I had installed at all. The packaging reminds me of how my iPod came (my ancient iPod Mini) with the slipcase over a "book" that folds out to have the product on the right and manuals etc on the left (via a flap on the top). Yeeep, a lot like my iPod.

After using OpenOffice for so long I feel bad buying office programs but I like that Pages has basic layout/design/publishing features as well as word processing. That and I really struggle with OpenOffice Calc..... I'm still keeping OO.o since it is superior to MS Office and iWork certainly isn't suffient on its own.

And Ajinomoto (the best frozen food company and inventors of the sinfully yummy MSG) sent me a apron for completing a survey. Its by Port Authorty and has Teflon woven in it.

I need to go to Marukai tomorrow to get more of their gyu and gyoza. The Costco dumplings just don't taste as good. The gyu is great for bento since I can use my own fresh rice, though the pre-made don are tasty for busy evenings.

No I really aren't paid by Ajinomoto, I just like thier products and this apron :D

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