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Saturday, January 24, 2009

メーカー非公式初音みっくす - The offical "unoffical" Miku comic メーカー非公式初音みっくす 1 (1) (CR COMICS DX): KEI: 本

メーカー非公式初音みっくす 1
# コミック
#価格: ¥ 735
# 出版社: ジャイブ (2008/12)
# ISBN-10: 4861765897
# ISBN-13: 978-4861765896
# 発売日: 2008/12

Having checked this out as a scanslation because I could not find a collected book, I was happy to see this title in the J-List update! I will likely order it from Book Cafe J tomorrow. Just as an FYI, if your near a JP bookstore print out the info above and show it to them: they may be able to order it.

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