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Monday, January 19, 2009

Raiding the Carcass of Circuit City

As today is a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. I had no school. What better day to enjoy the America pastime shopping? (its sarcasm okay?)

Circuit City is going out of business so we swung by to get what we could before it was raided to badly:

This notebook cooler for a bit more than Amazon but without the hassle of waiting.
(Amazon is cheaper than it was last time I checked though)

Hello Kitty DS skin

The inside came with another piece for the bottom but I didn't like it (and i already had my own kitty sticker in the corner).

The top and bottom pieces are very thick and cute. I have wanted a DS skin for a while but never found one that looked good with the DS pink. The bottom is actually much straighter than it looks here.

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