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Sunday, January 11, 2009

RLVM 0.4

Thread on Gemot about RLVM

RLVM is a Reallive emulator that allows one to play games by Visual Arts (primarily the works of Key) on Mac or Linux. Right now it only works with a couple games including Planetarian (unvoiced edition) and Kanon Standard Edition (and the All Ages variant...why did I buy that XP). Possibly Air SE but I haven't tried.

It may only work with a couple games but it works WELL:

Yes the opening video works!

It has a nicer right-click menu than the original does.

Of course the novel part works too ^_^

-Tomoyo After (demo) won't show the title screen
-SEEN files not in SEEN.txt are ignored (RealLive.exe opts to use these files over SEEN.txt)
- No voice support yet
- The Mac-specific +Q is not supported yet

As you can see from behind the game in some shots... you just run the application and select a game. Nothing complicated, RLVM doesn't even need to be in the game directory.

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