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Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Girls at Once?!

Two lovely figures came in the mail today :D

From Figures of Jan 09
Two boxes from two shipments from two sellers! Lets open them up!

Iris is looking good!

Ah, dear Rin... Kotobukiya captured the essence of her really well. So much packaging though!

The pair.

Rin gets mad if you take her skirt off -^_^-

Iris next to my computer for now... where to put her?

The shelf is getting full! Poor Tomoyo in the corner.

I like the ears so much :3 The normal face has a much nicer hue to the skin and is a lot cuter than the angry one.

I bought this figure because I liked this pose so much. Her hair flows well

She's a cast off but how do I get the damn skirt off?!?! I got the belt loose (above) but can't get it off

Blurrish but I like her facial expression

More photos when I figure out how to get that skirt off!

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