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Thursday, January 1, 2009

10 Annoying Things About "Hardcore" Gamers

25 Annoying Things About Non-Gamers | GamesRadar

1. They make lists like the one's above that only really consider FPS fans as gamers
2. They call visual novels "moonspeak porn games"
3. They think porn in games is "perverted"
3. They don't want to play VNs without porn cause those are "boring"
4. They bother you when your playing Ever 17 to ask about "those butt plugs" (the ear phones from the prologue)
5. They enjoy anime based on VNs but would never play "those awful date sims"
6. They think its OK to kill hookers in GTA but good forbid you want to play Casual Romance Club, you pedophile/sicko.
7.They make documentaries about how gamers don't fit stereotypes and only interview "professional" Super Smash Bro players and Halo fans.
8. They buy Rock Band 2 for 189.99 but ridicule you importing Higurashi.
9. They don't think the DS is a real platform
10. They don't understand why your 1/8th PVC statue by Kotobunkiya is more than their Master Chief action figure.

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