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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Princess Waltz is amazing and etc related comments

Okay... I have just finished Princess Waltz for the second time, and will begin crafting the review as I read the rest of it. Turns out the game is pretty much linear with your chosen woman shaping the middle but not the end of the second half of the game... yeah confusing. This system really lets the creators focus on having one kick-ass cohesive story though so I don't mind but fans of traditional get-the-girl style games be wary... this is a lot closer to Pretear than Kanon. This is no perfect game by any means but its pretty damn close. Review will be after ALA, sorry about the wait.

I really want to get a figure of Iris now... she is just EPIC, click for pictures of said figure (she is so very expensive ^^:)

*Listening to soundtrack in iTunes*

For 85$ you can score the DVD version of the game (w/ soundtrack already tagged up for iTunes etc) and a 1/7th cast off figure of Angela; all for less than the Japanese price ^^

A big thanks to Peach Princess for supplying (and therefore me) with a copy of this game~!

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