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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kino no Tabi and More Goodies (updated)

I went to BookOff despite going quite recently (see this post) because of an excellent game campaign. If you sell them 3 current-gen console games (worth more that 50 cents) you get an extra 10$. If you sell them 6 you get an extra 30$. I managed to scrounge up 6 and some ps2 games but had to split the money with my sister, leaving me with a bit over 30$ meaning half the money we got was because of the promotion.

My plan was to get the money and go over to Book Cafe J who had LB 3 on order for me. Of course it didn't work that way...

I ended up buying two things at BookOff. Guess the most expensive item in the picture?

The only planned purchase. The third volume of the wonderful LB 4 koma. Many obi are like this and simply provide a way to promote the book (rather than text printed on the book) and blend into the cover. They come off to leave a clean version of the same picture and I don't keep them. Not much to say except I LOVE THIS COMIC. Cover price is 780 yen but I paid a bit under 12 dollars which isn't bad for a special order from Japan (or so I keep telling my self).

The soundtrack for Air. A totally unplanned purchase but the stock is constantly changing so I went ahead and got it. 2 discs, 9 dollars. Its Air so there isn't much to be said. Shinji Orito can have my babies. (I'm joking!)

Here we have a product that I didn't know existed! I love Kino no Tabi and this little book/DVD set piqued my interest because I'd never seen it before, online or otherwise. Titled, キノの旅 〜とっておきの話〜 (Kino no Tabi ~totteoki no hanashi~) which loosely translates as "Kino's Travels ~Treasured Stories~". This book is comprised of two short stories and episode 00 of the anime. This set clocks in as the most expensive item (15$) but its Kino so no regrets. EDIT: Turns out to be a mail-order only item from '03.

The DVD with the prequel episode (12 minutes). Haven't watched it yet.

The book is mostly text with some illustrations.

The copyright page and anime cast information.

I spent more than I should have but I don't think I would have seen these items again or at that price. Such is the life of an otaku...

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Jon Fawkes said...

Wow, awesome picks! That LB book looks adorable :3

Magedark said...

Interesting place that must be, BookOff! We don't have one close to where I live, so I'm a bit jealous. Especiallyoverthataircddamnyou.