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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My lovely Primula nendoroid (photo 2 posts down) arrived today. She is quite cute but a bit top heavy due to the voice chip and the nendoroid design. I have the "normal version" so she says "Oniichan" and "Neko". The voice quality is comparable to a mugen puchi puchi (the talking moe ones) and not as clear as a sound drop. Fine but not outstanding. She comes with three little kitties and no extra body parts but one could likely mix with other nendoroids to a point.

The minigame software that came with her is quite fun also. You can dress Primula and decorate her room. To earn "money" you play a multi-stage/level 2Dside-scrolling action game set in the demon world. You can talk to other SHUFFLE! characters(Everyone looks like 3D nendoroids.) who give you quests for the action game. You can buy new furniture and clothing with your winnings. There is a lot of clothing to buy 10 outfits, 39 head accessories (you start with three) and 32 others. I am not sure yet how much furniture there is but the shop for everything has 140 items.

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Jon Fawkes said...

Awesome cute! X3 I want to try it out!