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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Busters! English trial...



Very nice menu translations/graphics edits.

Nothing is completely off base, you will accurately understand the events portrayed in the trial.


Tense : Switches between present "He opens the door" and past tense "He waved the cat, she kicked him"

Pluralizing : "Anyone who disagreed with Kyousuke were the unlucky ones." is one example I noticed.

"We are called Little Busters!" vs. "We are called the Little Busters!" since the term is a proper noun as a team name (We are the San Diego Padres) rather than a noun describing the qualities of its members? (We are the defenders of evil.) This is purely subjective however.

Not localized. Japanese name order is unnecessary and should be localized. -sama could easily be translated to Lord or "honorable" and nya (being the sound of a cat) is "meow" or "mew".

Overall, they just need a good editor XP

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