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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yume Miru Kusuri and LB-EX

First of all Yume Miru Kusuri is amazing. I just finished Aeka's route. This is not a "pure love" ren'ai game like those by Key where the boy rescuses the girl and all is fine and dandy. This is a nitty gritty portrayal of a imperfect world and the selfish intentions of it's inhabitants. It's a lot more realistic XD. Don't expect to see a "clean" version of this ever, it wouldn't work and it would disgrace the game to try to do such a thing, that's the kind of game it is.

On a lighter note, Tsubaki is now my second favorite visual novel male character. Right behind Natsume Kyosuke.

Speaking of Kyosuke, (Aki your not gonna like this) I have decided to not open/install/play the game contents (I have opened the box for the audio content) of LB-EX untill I finish LB. This is not any noble intention of purity but rather simply because LB-EX has a function to view only new content assuming you've cleared Little Busters!. I'm guessing this marks all of the previous games text as read so you can skip it, or something of the sort. If this was in english I would simply reread everything I've read so far but Japanese is so slow and this is the least time-consuming way to play all content as easily as possible.

Since I have only cleared 2/6 character routes (though I am on Yuiko's endgame) and have not played any of the true routes I do not want to accidently expose my self to any spoilers nor miss any of the game. I bought the game(s) such it is my decision how I would like to play or not play them and I hope those who wish to borrow the newer version understand they will have to wait or do as I am doing (borrow LB complete it then use EX's new content function). Yes I know this may frustrate you as I work through this game rather slowly but I simply do not have the energy to get home from work and immedately tackle several megabytes of Japanese text. As a fast english reader this amount of time needed is one of the most frustrating aspects of these games to me.

On the bright side I may be enticed to help the translation project once I have completed the whole of the first game as reading the whole work is essential to attempting to translate it. :3

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