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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Haven't posted in a while!: Goodies, work, and AX08

Well its been a while, I haven't had anything particularly notable to blog since I am not buying any otaku goods until I've placed my Himeya order (LBEX and a hell of a lot of KeySoundLabel CDs). And I'm not placing this order untill after AX in case I find someone selling the said CD's there (like that'll happen =P).

I will be at AnimeExpo Saturday and Sunday. This is my first time at AX and I am excited. ^_^ Additionally, I recieved my first paycheck of the summer today >.> I am working all week up till the convention (including the 4th) so I should have no problem affording LBEX. I just might not have time to play anything XD I enjoy work though in a way because it lets me interact with happy people. This is the big "secret" in working at a theme park: the customers are already happy and relaxed so your job is halfway done before you say hello.

Anyone who keeps up with me on Google Talk might have been aware of this but I am trying to clear out my anime/game backlog this summer hence titled : 萌えの夏 . Here's what's been done so far:
  • Finally cleared the last bit of Hourglass of Summer (Mana's route)
  • Wrote a bit more on ONE review ^^;
  • Finished Tomoyo's route in CLANNAD (I can now play Tomoyo After with no regrets)
  • Cleared Nanatsuiro*Drops DS again to unlock a new "If Story". Yuri is popping up in the main game now. :3
  • Purchased SHUFFLE! volume 4 (en route)
  • YesAsia goodies
  • Purchased Dengeki Festival! DX 3 (en route)
  • Cleared Kudryvaka's route in Little Busters! Now powering through common for the last time (making save points this time ^^;)
  • Worked more on Wahrheit Academy plot
  • Hung up Nanatsuiro Drops posters that have been rolled up for months.
  • Rereading Higurashi because it is brilliant. The translation is full of life and a pleasure to reread. :3

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Jon Fawkes said...

:O you're so lucky, I wanna go to AX and buy a lot of cool stuff :3