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Monday, June 23, 2008

YesAsia goodies

A package came:

Nanatsuiro Drops Comic 3 : No suprise its the third volume. Jurisia (?) from the pS3 version is in it and thats kinda odd but its exactly what I expected. More 4 koma this time ones I haven't seen and a bonus chapter. (volume 2 had the strips from G's Festival which I have in large color pages already)

Shining stars bless * : Kaori Utatsuki's debut single. Kotoko provides some vocals also I think. The OP theme from Nanatsuiro Drops anime and a unplugged version of "I'm home". Karaoke of course. I opted against the Special Edition since a region 2 music video DVD didnt thrill me enough for YesAsia's markup.

Saishuu Heiki Kanojo ~The Last Summer Festival~ : Saikano drama album. I'm listening to it right now. Fun stuff but side stories all the same. Insert book had the transcript which is nice. Oddly the spine and obi had the title as "The Last Summer Vacation" despite the story starting with a school day. The fault of lazy quality checkers.

Kanon & AIR: Sky : This is an anthology of Kanon and Air sidestories and crossovers by Rei Izumi/Idumi. Izumi draws Hibiki's Magic (written by Jun Maeda) currently and has previously drawn .hack//The Legend of the Twilight Bracelet and the insert art for Natsume Kyosuke Fuurai Ki (Little Buster! Visual Guide Book). She seems to have a very friendly relation to Key and is drawing a corner for LBEX in Dengeki G's right now. This is a larger than average comic (like the Dengeki Comics EX line) and has nicer paper than any Japanese volume I have. Textured cover and a decent amount of color pages scattered throughout. A nice book!

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