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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We are making a game?! (so play the trial!)

JonFawkes and I are making a visual novel.

Stop laughing and watch the opening video

We have a story outline (top secret ;3) and a trial version (not secret at all). Please play and comment! I would love if someone could help with music as I am limited with what I can do (arrange with Garage Band ^^;). Jon is the artist so all visual feedback goes to him (including video feedback).

About the Game:
The game is called Wahrheit Academy (I believe Wahrheit means truth in German? To be honest... we needed a name and German is an awesome language so we used Google Translate to find a good sounding title). This is a all ages shoujo-ai school story set in an unnamed western fantasy world. Read the official site for more information >:D I can provide downloads to mirror if anyone feels that generous? ^^: The final is aimed for this time of year 2009 at latest but don't hold us to it as we are complete n00bs at this.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy our efforts

Official Site

Oh, team name is Toast, but the logo didn't make it into the game yet XP


James Haak said...
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James Haak said...

I'm willing to mirror, as long as you promise to work on Hotel Dusk, so I can borrow it. :P