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Friday, June 13, 2008

Never use DHL... but if you do they do come eventually (updated!)

My copy of Tomoyo After came today, which also marked 4 weeks from the day it shipped... I cannot reccomend DHL... they couldn't give me information on the average delivery window/times and after I gave them the service name twice they asked what shipping company I used (uh... DHL obviously...). The package did finally come however :3. I also purchased the CLANNAD official privilege teaspoon set. (Photos below)Which is beautiful and has the most amazing english translation of the prologue (by Key):

"Does this school like it?"
"Even if I take and I take, I like it."
"But it is at all. --It cannot but change."
"A pleasant thing, a delightful thing, and all"
"It cannot but change."
"It like this place but is still?"

Things like this make me really appreciate all the hard workers at Baka-Tsuki on CLANNAD. XD A Tomoyo After translation was supposedly started there too recently btw.

Tomoyo After First Press - contents
The assorted parts of Tomoyo After PC first press. From left to right, top to bottom, Box, Game Disc, Soundtrack, User Manual (small booklet), Visual Guidebook (large booklet). This game evidently is quite a rare item nowadays. Tomoyo is the most moe of the CLANNAD girls (especially when she wears glasses!) so I have been searching for this title for quite sometime (nevermind its NOT a CLANNAD sequel *wink wink*)

CLANNAD Teapoon (BOX)CLANNAD Teaspoons
The large white item is the slip that holds the two smaller blue boxes together. The large one opens up to showcase the teaspoons. The other is a simple box with the rolled towel inside, I thought it was a placeholder at first ^^;

CLANNAD Teaspoons - close upCLANNAD handtowel

The spoons have character portraits in the handles, the spoon part also had the girl's names engraved (in romaji). This hand towel came with the teaspoons, a nice surprise!

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