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Sunday, July 6, 2008

AnimeExpo and LB-EX

Well my Little Busters! Ecstasy focused G's festival DX arrived while I was away at AnimeExpo. G's is a simply wonderfully moe magazine, and festival's are always a treat. I need a mouse so I can use that mouse pad...

Booty List from AX

Dengeki G's Festival 5 - Tsuyokiss with talking alarm clock, metal pins, and pencil board
sola GN 1 by Broccoli Books
Love Hina Bilingual GN 8 - One dollar clearance
Little Busters! Solid Works trading figures: Kudryavka and Rin
Day of Love by Hirameki
Anime LA 4 shirt I forgot to buy in January

The Kudo figure is most definitely from the same leg mold as the G's anniversary Kudo with a very similar rest of the body (different faces, same pose). The paint and textures are a lot better however especially on the upper body. Kudo isn't a big fave of mine but I enjoy her well enough to not regret the purchase. Rin is the real treat however as she has such a cute pose (pulling on her socks with a frolicking cat nearby). I seemed to get a different colored cat than the box had but this might simply be a issue of prototype vs. finished product.

I saw the three announced Kotobunkiya LB figures. Adorable, excellent quality, and NOT FOR SALE waaaaah ToT. I saw ToyWorks Kudo for sale but cannot say the same praise... it looked fine but not as polished.

MangaGamers had a presence through Circus who was there through Broccoli. very nice people at Cicus's booth.

ComicCon will still remain my go-to con for esoteric purchases but AX was a wonderful change of pace being a "large" con vs. a megagiant (My sisters first words... wow its so small!) . If all goes well I will have attended all 4 major sizes of conventions by the end of the year (small - ConJecture, medium - ALA, large - AX, San Diego - SDCC; The size is simply called San Diego because its the side of the San Diego convention center XP )

I will be making my biannual Himeya purchase tomorrow. All you San Diegans suck for not splitting shipping XD Just kidding I know how hard it is to afford this shizz.

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