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Sunday, November 16, 2008

LOVE SONG〈2002〉Saikano Artbook

LOVE SONG〈2002〉 (Big spirits comics special): 高橋 しん: 本

Another great find at Book Off! I went in to sell books and plump my wallet but instead found this gem for 14.50$. Now, I know the Amazon page says 'used and new' (and not shipping outside Japan) from 250yen BUT the copy I found has all of the first press bonuses (and the obi but I don't care about them), the first copy on Amazon with all of these items is 2800yen. Also the CD-ROM was unopened :D

What it comes with:
*A large gorgeous artbook by Takahashi Shin (duh XD)
*A4 size plastic card of the cover image with the logo disappearing depending the angle (lenticular)
*CD-ROM with voice clips, trailers, music, and comic to storyboard comparisons.
*B2 size double sized poster with a drawing by Takahashi on one size and the same image in the anime's style on the other.
*A special letter "by Chise" on her trademark diary paper (and a note saying said paper can be bought at Animate countrywide)

This is an amazing book.