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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A more civilized follow up to my last post

I chilled out to CosMo (musican with free works) and iTunes visualizer, here is a follow up.

1st: Anime fans who do buy, you don't have to go to hell. We need more people like you. Even if you buy DBZ, that helps (as much as I dislike the series). Pirates can go to hell with the Mormons.

2nd: Obviously this is not all about Broccoli. This is about having done two months of piracy research and having it all point in the same direction. Things need to change yes, civilized planned copyright reform. Stealing anime doesn't help, it hurts any efforts to move forward. Even when I'm discussing piracy as part of my project people insult me for it. Telling me to "Shut the Fuck Up" doesn't help anything, listening doesn't hurt. I will sit and listen to your "explanation" on why you pirate. Please, post it here.

3rd: I don't own Photoshop because I use GIMP. I don't own MS Office because I have Pirating programs helps cement them as the de facto standard, I choose to use free (as in speech not as in beer) open source programs to move away from these corporate monopolies. Pirates are not radicals, they are lazy people clinging to an old system.

4th: If you want free work, make your own work free. Look into Creative Commons licensing. I mentioned CosMo a few lines up and said his music was free. Free to download and to share (gratis - without payment) but also free to anyone to remix and make derivatives (libre - true freedom). In Creative Commons abbreviations we would equate this to a CC-BY liscense and it is one of the free-est CC licenses. Want more control? Try a BY-SA or a BY-ND, which respectfully require others to use the same license with derivative or prohibit derivative completely (not reccomended). You can add a NC or a no-commercial clause to prevent others from making money of your work. I prefer to use CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC-SA to encourage free derivatives.

5th: I really want to read Sola 2 in my native tongue and I doubt it is going to happen.

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