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Monday, May 25, 2009

A MacBook Air SuperDrive is in my future?

MacBook Air SuperDrive for all � tnkgrl Mobile

Looks like Apple's super slim and sexy USB DVD-RW drive for MacBook Air can be made to play nice with other computers for minimal upgrade costs. Considering one can eBay one of these drives for 65$ and the extra board costs under 20$.

The author there used a very cheap 9$ board but I am lazy and not terribly good at soldering so I am eyeing the 14$ Slim Optical Drive IDE to USB card that doesn't require me to remove and re-solder the crystal.(Found on this thread).

I've been wanting an external DVD drive for a while to set to Region 2 so I can watch anime on my MBP with it's damned matsushita drive. The external power supply and dearth of known support turned me off to the one's I've seen and I dismissed the superdrive as being Air only.

Yay for hacks :)

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