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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christopher Handley and why America is so fucked up

Down the Slippery Slope - The Crime of Viewing Manga

Christopher Handley Pleads Guilty to Possession Charges

Why defend freedom of icky speech?

Some background for you all, an Iowan man (with NO history of sex crimes) ordered some manga from Japan. Believed at this time to be your typical sexfest doujinshi. Customs opened his package, followed him home, and arrested him for possessing illegal material depicting minors in sexual situations. 150-300 images. Like individual pictures.

That was a while back, today he gave in, plead gutty and is facing up to 15 years in Jail. For
150-300 drawings of "minors" (according to whom? look at Aki Hoshino). No real minors are connected to the drawings. No real people were hurt by these images. Noone except Handley, anyhow. I can't even express how frustrated this makes me. This is wrong. So many assholes and jerks get away with murder, theft, and rape but a upright citizen gets sent to jail for cartoons. How can a jury accept this? How can a sane human being ignore the Constitution and send a man to jail for drawings?

My right to throw a punch ends where your nose begins. This is the concept behind free speech. You can express yourself as long as you do not limit the freedom of others. Real child porn does hurt children and should be prosecuted. Drawings don't hurt anyone.

And how are we defining minor? Depending on whose looking I could have hundreds of illegal images on my hard drive and my shelf or I could have none.

Here are three takes on one character design.... Who's old enough to be legal to import?

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kuroi said...

This case has got to be one of the greatest travesties of justice I've heard of in a very long time. How is there a crime if no real people were hurt? If anything, the government should encourage people to get loli comics. I'd much rather that pedophiles read loli manga than go out and touch real kids.

Tyciol said...

Apparently it is not a case of how they're drawn, but rather the age of the character. However, if the age is not stated, then what? Or like, what about characters like vampire lolis such as Evangeline, Miyu, or then you have people like Lion-O who are basically children with adult bodies, or Ichigo from Onegai who's the opposite...