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Monday, December 15, 2008

Protect Traditional Marriage - Outlaw Divorce

More prop 8 stuff. Sorry for all the folks outside of Cali but this is important shit.

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Anonymous said...

Post hoc, ergo prop8ter hoc... Eh? lol.

Well produced... Albeit lengthy to load when one only has dial-up service.

Perhaps you could provide a text version that one could peruse for dial-up users while the video loads... Just a thought.

The inspiration for my stance on Proposition 8 came from a modern day scripture issued in 1995 titled: The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and may be viewed at:,4945,161-1-11-1,00.html

... And before the flame wars start (if this even gets posted) I wish to re-iterate: Voting one's conscience in a democratic society doesn't make one a bigot; if it did then it would demean the democratic process. Bigotry does, however, apply to those who are [b]intolerant[/b] of those of faith, race, politics, etc.

Bobby Nichols

Jyuichi said... has a text summary :)

I would say being intolerant of someone's sexual identity is as bigoted as being intolerant of someone's skin color : both are features they are born with. Moreover, if LGBT are allowed to marry it does not require churches to agree to host the ceremony. If a church wants to reject a couple that is it's right, but the state is a different manner.

Anonymous said...

"I would say being intolerant of someone's sexual identity is as bigoted as being intolerant of someone's skin color"

I couldn't agree more... The key word is 'intolerant' as in overtly confrontational or hateful manner. A democratic process and/or judicial process is tolerable in our society.

An analogy (albeit a poor one) would be if a smoker came into a crowded restaurant that was designated non-smoking and lit up... Those who objected could a) take a stand and kindly bring the to the attention of the smoker that he/she is offending the established rules and please put out the smokimg implement; or b) angrily confront the 'offender' and possibly start a ruckus. An option of c) of ignoring the smoking 'offender' in this social venue is not a viable option. The 'offender' in cases a) and b) could refuse to stop smoking - in which case a higher authority would have to intervene.

Social mores are being challenged, being asked to be changed, and people are taking a stand on what they believe to be right according to their own conscience, both pro-Proposition 8 and against.

I'm truly grateful that but for a few radical incidents people are resigned to letting the process continue forth civilly on a very polarizing issue... The reality being that the issues involved will be with us for a very long time (sigh).

Bobby Nichols