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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Impressions of the Waltz...

PRINCESS WALTZ Official Website

A review of this game is in the works (I am still playing it). Very fun game, the action-packed plot and a fun battle system make this title appeal to the most casual visual novel players but purists are not totally abandoned. The easy mode ensures you can advance the story which is still very character centric. As the website proclaims, this is an eroge so it surely will not receive the attention it deserves. Not much sex is present however, if you can this is a great title to check out.

Please note both the download and the DVDROM versions have DRM protection. PW is the first English VN with this new DRM technology and it is painless. Enter your activation # once and you are done. The program "Software Defender" will try to contact the (very fast) server every time you run the game but will allow the game to run if you do not have internet access. Even a downloaded game will run with no restrictions without a internet connection. This is the most reasonable download game DRM I have seen, you receive five installations (not restricted by IP address) and can request a refresh of installations at Peach Princesses discretion. The package version will have the DRM removed in 1-2 years by a patch. DRM can ruin a game but this system doesn't both me much, read more about PP's policy here.

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