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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lockdown: Secure Your Mac

Foozoo Design - Lockdown: Secure Your Mac

Not unlike a car alarm, this program is good for coffee shops and libraries where you might leave your mac alone for a minute. A shiny apple computer all alone? Pretty tempting to steal yeah? Lockdown is a password (or remote) controlled system that once turned on by the user displays a large anti-theft warning on the screen.

If someone does decide to try, unplugging any cord, pressing a key, touching the mouse, tilting the laptop slightly or even closing the lid will trigger a fairly loud alarm that cannot be muted. It also prevents the computer from shutting down or sleeping. The screen will flash and take a photo of the would-be theft to mail to the computers owner.

Obviously this isn't going to help in a burlargy (neither do cable locks) but if you work anywhere where you might leave your seat, lockdown is a valuble tool.

PC peeps.. you have any equivalents? Might be nice to have this on the boot camp as well.

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