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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anime and Visual Novels : Why the hell can't these fandoms get along?

NEWS: Tayutama Adult PC Game to Reportedly Get TV Anime - Forum - Anime News Network

First let me say ANN usually has news writers that are alot better than the article that spawned this discussion (the article isn't bad but somewhat awkwardly written). The boards are usually exactly like this: full of people who have never read a VN (ero or not) but don't pause to rag on them (and pirates but thats another story). Why does the anime community have such a problem with eroge/visual novels? Some piece of regurgitated shonen is OK like Naru-BleachNote-to or crappy yaoi comics (sorry Aki but most of them are). Sure some eroge are OK with anime folks (FSN, Kanon) but most are pushed to the side. When ANN announced the new Phantom anime they linked to the crappy OVA but didn't mention the original game is available in the English market.

I've had people who are diehard anime/manga/MMO/novel fans who would love the story of Ever17 but refuse to play it:
me : "I have this amazing visual novel to should check out"
her : "visual novel? like a porn game?"
me : "no this one is clean, its not even really a date-sim. I know you really like science fiction and mystery so..."
her : *interrupts* "sorry I don't play those types of games"
me : "you've never tried one"
her : "I am sure I won't like it" *rambles about twilight*

Now when I first heard of VNs (hirameki's booth at SDCC) I was hesitant of the idea of anime video games so I didn't buy any from them that con. I didn't reject them for not being anime, I just wasn't sure about it. But, for the whole next year it hung in my mind: "what happened to those people in that theme park? That story looked kinda interesting, how would it work as a game?" I found the Hirameki site and downloaded the trial, I was hooked. I bought E17 and Hourglass of Summer from J-List (Hirameki didn't come to the con sadly). And here I am now, a serious reviewer of visual novels. Just try them.

What the hell anime peeps? Is your time so much better spent watching bad fansubs on YouTube you can't try a game for 10 minutes?

Sadly, an excellent work like Princess Waltz can't even get advertising space in older-teen/adult aimed media spaces even though magazines for pre-teen/teen girls (Shojo Beat) can advertise trashy unrealistic homosexual rape porn.

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