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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hatsune Miku Mixing Box ~ Miku Hatsune Special Fan Book

Hatsune Miku Mixing Box ~ Miku Hatsune Special Fan Book

The closest JLPT test center is in LA and in my mind LA=Little Tokyo=Kinokuniya Shoten!!!!!!!!

Books Kinokuniya, as the English sign says, is the best Japanese bookstore inside (Elevator Girls is +1 over Junkudo) and outside of Japan. The LA branch (and assumedly others) have begun to carry basic stock of character goods. This lovely product is a hybrid of the two : the box says Kodansha so its a book, but inside is a PVC figure, a DVD, and well... a book.

Kinokuniya is basically the same as J-List so buy it from them if you aren't near a Kinokuniya. Very epic and expensive item about 45$ after tax? Shipping would be a bit more of course, the box is study so don't worry about the figure breaking in travels.

The figure is very cute, you can see her in person at Kinokuniya if you are worried about quality (I was). The book is no slouch at 96 full-color pages and a original cover by Kei (same as box). Dustjacket of course (this is Japanese after all). Now if your in Japan this item is only 2980yen so there is no excuse not to buy her.

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Oh and I think I passed JLPT 4kyu :D (lowest level...T.T)

EDIT: DVD is mac compatible "hybrid" according to box. XD The data is only enough for a CD tho *shrug* I don't want to know the logic there...

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