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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kud Wafter

I'm a bit late with the news but Key is making a fandisc to Little Busters! titled "Kud Wafter" (assumedly a parody of the title "Tomoyo After"). I don't care for the opening theme much but you can't decide for your self (warning: cam rip)

So, as you can guess, its a Kudo epilogue fandisc, probably with lots of H (lol). Its pretty much set that I will get this barring natural/economic disasters.

But I hear you asking, "how can you get this if you haven't finished LB! yet?"

I have been playing Little Busters! of and on for three years (I can't believe its been that long...). The only reason I'm not done yet is that I keep taking breaks between routes, that amount of Japanese reading is exhausting and at first especially I could only do it short bursts. Furthermore in the middle, when I had finished my favorite girl's routes and was left to struggles though the rest to unlock Rin's route and the Refrain, I found my self not playing very often (that and life issues).

However more recently it has been easier to do and my pace has picked up considerably. I don't feel I misunderstood the routes I read earlier but I read much faster and with less reliance on rikaichan now. Still nothing near fluent but I can manage 80% of the voiced lines without using rikai (My listening skills far exceed my reading skills so Riki's lines are very difficult for me T_T) In this weekend alone I finished the Haruka and Rin routes, unlocking the Refrain (true path).

So despite my speed issues, I have been enjoying LB very much and haven't given up at all :)

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