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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

90% Little Busters! Roundup: Goods, News, and Anime recomendations

I was going to call this a general roundup but then I realized it was 90% about LB -_- Scroll past jailbait Kyousuke to get to the non-LB stuff

Not much of interest has been happening to me as of late. I have been working on some long posts about aspects of Little Busters that will end up here if/when they get finished.

I preordered Kud Wafter with the yet-unannounced omake. I was waiting for getchu's decision (they supply himeya) before ordering but then erogeshop had a coupon sale. I hope I don't get burned. -_-

Aoishima replaced my Komari mobip after 2 months of exchange negotiation. Not bad service (considering my terrible Japanese...) but her joints aren't very good on this one either. They are cute but I can't recommend the mobip series at this time.

I bought the LB-EX artbook (despite not having played the EX part yet). Even so I'm considering getting the other one as well (which is what I was trying to avoid) because it seems to have bigger versions of some favorite CG and illustrations.

----End obsessed LB otaku section----

With that artbook, I also got the fifth Nanatsuiro Drops manga (recommended since its a fairly easy read) and the new JLPT spec book. This new listening section could be a problem but I haven't done a mock run-through yet. I'm pretty good at listening from playing LB though (see how I worked it in? xD) the grammar section is what is going to kill me.

For my birthday I got the Fate/Stay Night DVDs. I might review the set later since most reviews are by people who haven't played the game. Would that be worthwhile?

Animewise, I've been watching a lot of CrunchyRoll since they went legit. Particularly I want to recommend Time of Eve and Natsume Yujincho which are both fairly overlooked series that are quite deep and entertaining. (I've also been watching Heroman but that is something else entirely >.>)

I'm sure this post reads as a little aimless. -_- Please comment on what things you would like more in depth posts about!


Fuku said...

I would appreciate it if you delved into what the Little Busters! characters are like (without spoilers! don't even hint at them!). The only bios they have in English are the two sentences on each of them on Wikipedia. Maybe also give an example of an early non spoiler scene they are in that defines their personality. Thanks!

Jyuichi said...

That's a good idea especially since the
aforementioned long posts I am working on are very spoiler heavy. It would be good to have something to balence that out. I'll try to get that up soon ^_^

I'm also shaping together a review which would be spoiler free of course.