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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughts of Brass Restoration and Busy-ness

Hello loyal readers, due to life changes I haven't been updating here faithfully. (I've been active on twitter, its not like I've left the fandom or anything ;) ) This is the first of hopefully many posts I will be making.

After blowing my mind by finishing Fate/Stay Night last month I've taken a respite from games and have been catching up on anime now that legal streaming is taking off strongly. I'll blog about some of those series soon but today I am back to visual novels. Actually, back to a game I gave up on some time ago: Brass Restoration. I got to a bad end and just stopped playing. I don't mean that too suggest it was boring. Rather, I related to it much too closely.

The plot revolves around an amateur musician, Ryo, who recently lost his arm in a train accident. Without his arm he cannot play music any longer. The music club members, beg him to come and help, visit, and be part of the fold again and this is the main conflict of the story. Now, I have both my arms, I'm typing with two hands right now, but it was this "coming back into the fold" part that really bothered me. I quit violin after going to lessons and playing for about a decade or so. Its not that I hated violin, I just didn't have the desire to spend the time time to practice faithfully and didn't feel it was right to my teacher to go if I wasn't going to be a diligent student. After all this was a hobby. Everyone I knew begged me to "start again" even people like my (now amicably ex-) boyfriend begged me to play even though they had complained about my practices taking too much time before. My sister harassed me for "being a quitter" as well. Later when I actually wanted to fool around with music again (not take lessons just play for fun) I knew the drama would start a fresh once my bow hit the strings.

When I was in Ryo's mind and all these people are begging him to "come back" it stirred up that old drama. Now obviously Ryo actually still wants to be a musician and all that, he had his chance taken, he didn't get a choice. These are not parallel situations but the story was effective enough to stir those feelings of resentment and I think this is probably a sign of good writing.

That ended up as quite a personal rant ^^; I'm giving BR another shot, if your interested get the game here (free).

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