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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goods round up! Chocolates and Kitty-chan (also Vocaloid puchi nendoroids)

I received some packages from J-List these last few weeks and now that its all arrived I took some photos. ^_^ The vocaloid puchi nendoroids are from Rising Sun Creations but J-List did carry them as well.

Luka is happy to show off the Kit-Kat "Pass the Test!" mug set. Kit-Kats are associated with passing tests in Japan (kit-kat sounds like kitto katsu; you will surely win/pass); also the term "Pass the test" (gokaku) can also mean pentagon so the mug is five sided.

Rin is peering at the included sample of Nescafe'. Instant coffee can be amazingly bad so I haven't had the nerve to try it yet. Starbucks Via is pretty good though.

Saihate Miku is examining one of the wackier items I've ordered (J-List specializes in these): Sexy Dynamite I love Oppai Chocolates, which are little oppai shaped white chocolates and come in a fitting torso case.

Rin is stealing the scene again.

Kudo likes the chocolates too ;). (NSFW? I shrank it just in case.)

This is a miniature strap type Hello Kitty omamori amulet intended to raise one's grades (between this and the KitKat set I should be OK right??). I took the bell off because it is hanging from my iPhone.

These are going to my mom, both are also strap type omamori. the kitty charm is for traffic safety and the other is a feng sui happiness charm.

This one is a full size general luck Kitty omamori.

I also bought a cute 3D Hello Kitty ice tray. Very sturdy feeling and surprisingly easy to use. :)

A very cold but cute Hello Kitty. She has a nose and such but ice doesn't photograph well.

A cute bunny friend of Hello Kitty. According to the official iPhone app her name is Cathy. (the more famous My Melody has a hood on.)