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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mana, Heath, and Blood Oh my!

Got a major stock up on energy drinks. Mana and the like tend to be verrry expensive but the kick is quite good (stronger than zipfizz). Monster/etc doesn't do crap except fill me up (though it tastes OK). Bawl's isn't bad but again, heavy on the stomach.

They included some freebies like a comic and stickers. Small box is appreciated since I gotta carry it around and back over a bridge (Amazon take note!).

The goods, I ordered a 4-pack of the new Blood drink but haven't tried it yet. Twice the size and half the caffeine makes it less alluring than the others but still light on the stomach. I really wanna hang these around for Halloween XD. In the Health box is 6 Mana and 6 Health (not just Health!) Mana is better than Health but both are nice for different moods.

The cute wittle bottles of 160mg of caffeine each!

Mana and Health are two different drinks besides different taste and color. Mana has more B12 and an enzyme mix, assumingly to help you digest faster so you feel lighter (unlike what some reviewers claim, they WON'T make you sick, I take 100x the amount of lactase in Mana multiple times a day. XP). Health has different vitamin mix most notably is that there is no niacin/B3 (some rare folks get harmless but painful itching and flushed after having mana because of niacin). Both have no sugar which means no crash/jitters. The feeling of each is different so try both.

These really are small drinks

I'll post more on Blood later when I try it :)

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